Dirty Tables and Filthy Floors Equals No Customers


The two dirty tables you see in the pic are at Burrito Express in Roswell,NM located not too far from The New Mexico Military Institute. We drive through Roswell from Albuquerque to Carlsbad quite a bit and stop at Burrito Express every time through.

This last time will probably be the last time we dine at Burrito Express because not only was every table dirty and unwiped, but they botched our order. The floor was filthy and unswept. They make a killer cheeseburger burrito usually but today the taste and freshness just was not there.

The couple you see at the counter were the only other patrons present and there were plenty of employees available to clean the tables and floors. The quality of the food is not the only element of customer satisfaction and Burrito Express’ bottom line may suffer if they do not figure this out. Roswell’s reputation as the land of Manana is perpetuated by shoddy service and delays. Burrito Express is no exception to this perception. Read urbanspoon.com for more negative reviews of Burrito Express. Most who dine there agree that their Mexican food is above average, but criticize their service and tendency to overcharge.

In all fairness to the business owners in Roswell, it is very difficult to find reliable qualified employees. Much of the labor pool can not pass the background check or the drug testing.

Dirty Tables Burrito Express Roswell,NM

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  1. The problem you mention of lousy service in Roswell carries over to healthcare. We scheduled an appointment with Dr Peter L Jewell back in May. He could not get us in for blood work until early August!

    It gets worse. A representative from Dr. Jewell’s office calls and tells us that we’ve been scheduled with the wrong doctor and and that we will not be able to get in to see the doctor until early November!!! Dr. Jewell is an excellent doc, but his staff needs to double and even triple check to avoid these time consuming errors.

    Wait times for qualified and often unqualified physicians are unacceptably long in Roswell New Mexico. It’s really kind of a joke. Nowadays doctors just read the computer analysis of your blood work and then recommend whatever it says.

    1. Dr Richard C Mooney should fire whoever is in charge of setting up appointments. All we get is a voice mail and they never return our calls. Mooney is one helluva obgyn, but needs better help. We took our business to Lubbock.

      1. Roswell rapid car wash is the opposite of the poor service you mention in Roswell. Donald Ragsdale keeps the place well maintained unlike many other car washes. His brother is a well respected lawyer.
        We also had problems not getting through to Dr. Mooney. Ended up going to Lubbock, TX.

        No relation to the bioterrorism expert.

      2. We have had same problem playing endless phone tag with dr Mooney’s secretary. Every time we call to get results of tests we get her voice mail OR somebody who does not know anything and wants to send us to her voice mail!! Has happened 7 or 8 times in a row! Pathetic

    2. Don’t do the Dairy Queen drive through in Hamlin, tx. Go Pied Pipers. We pulled in 15 minutes before closing time at drive through window and were ignored by high school workers who were too busy talking to take our order. They even looked out and saw us, then laughed.

    3. I was not aware of trash removal issues mentioned by Heidi Huckabee. They always pick up trash promptly in our neck of the woods. It’s part of sanitation fee on water bill. Code enforcement needs to step up and deal with this health concern.

    4. My doctor and his staff are always on time and very professional. Also the pharmacy support in Roswell is top notch with people like Bernadette Daleske and her staff who bend over backwards to inform and serve.

  2. We stopped eating at burrito express about a year ago. Over the years at lunchtime we have seen many people come in at lunch time, take one look at the line, and then leave. A lot of the lawyers, accountants and NMMI staff quit eating there long ago at lunch because even when the walk in line is very long, they only have one attendant for a line of close to 10 customers. Burrito express does not really care. Their drive thru business floats their boat. Our family used to dine there a bunch, but they lost our business with sloppy tables and poor service.

    1. Burrito Express makes such good food that most of the time I tolerate their unwiped sticky tables. My arms stuck to their dining table last time because of coke syrup they had not wiped from table. There was also guacamole and onions in chair my wife sat in.

    2. I think you are being unfair to them. Give them and manager Stephanie Quiroz another chance. We go to Burrito Express all the time and rarely run into the issues you whined about. They are fast, tasty, relatively inexpensive, and have cute Mexican women in tight jeans at your service! Oh yeah, their food is tasty too!!
      They are slow to open two cash registers or lines during the lunch rush. They are really busy with their drive through. I am not sure why Quiroz does not fix that problem. One long line and one attendant is not a good thing.

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