Distance Learning Equates to Dimished Mastery of a Subject


While it is certainly possible for distance learners to become extremely proficient in their field of study, anybody who has taken courses at Carrington College(ask any of their RN graduates) or Devry University knows that the for profit motives of these businesses makes it possible to “earn an A” without knowing too much about chemistry, calculus, or economics for example. The recent federal raid of ITT Tech cast a dark cloud over retention based educational/vocational training businesses.

U.S. Army veteran Jason Talley aspired to become an air traffic
controller, but he had two small children and a wife with a full-time job who could not be a stay at home Mom.
Jason attended classes three days a week at a community College in Conroe,TX along with an online history class on Tuesday and Thursday. This freed up precious time to take care of and spend quality time with his family.

So Jason played the role of Michael Keaton(Mr Mom) after diligently studying his history lessons on the commode or in the kitchen of his home. He smoothly achieved his goal of becoming a well compensated air traffic controller giving him the capacity to better take care of his family

Despite Kevin Eason’s vision of distance education supplanting traditional classrooms, there are many drawbacks to the distance education model. The chief criticism is that distance learing makes it easier for students to cheat. For profit schools promote completion because it amps up their revenues without any assurance its graduates will have a chance to become competent professionals. Convenience for the customer is  more important than the student learning the material!


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