Do NOT Watch Another Pay Per View Event Until Pacquiao/Bradley is Overturned


The purpose of this post is to punish the corruption and fraud that led to the rigged Manny Pacquiao/Timothy Bradley World Championship farce. Any objective, honest viewer knows Pacquiao won at least 8 rounds in the 12 round fight.

Please have the courage of your convictions to NOT watch another PPV event of any type until Pacquiao is declared the winner. Bob Arum has filed formal protest. The fight judges Duane Ford, C.J. Ross and Jerry Roth should criminally be charged with theft. They know they sold their souls to the devil and Bradley knows he lost the fight. All three judges had to be on the take for even scoring it close, 115-113. Veteran ring announcers and pundits were visibly shaken at the Saturday night travesty!

If everybody who loves Manny Pacquiao refuses to pay for any PPV event, not just boxing, that will be a very astronomical monetary loss for all cable companies and broadcasters and advertisers.

PLEASE do not watch another PPV event until the Pacquiao/Bradley decision is reversed. Listen to the recommendation of CHRISTOPHER SANTARELLI of THEBLAZE and boycott the viewing of boxing in any form until this gambling corrupted  decision is overturned!


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  1. Switching sports on you, we were watching the nationally televised game between the Texas Longhorns and West Virginia. The announcers were pathetic.They were more interested in creating drama that was not really there rather than announce the score. At one point there were three consecutive commercial breaks where they did not announce the game score before leaving for commercial.

    We have one of those older TVs where the screen chops off the game score

  2. Boxing judge Mrs. Waleska Roldan of New York life has just changed because she said horn won 117-111 against pacquiao. When you get dirty looks in public, its cuz whole boxing world knows you are living a lie. How in the hell did you ever get trusted enough to be a boxing judge? You will be scrutinized the rest of your life for ruining a sport we all love.

    Elbows and head butts should have lead to horn being disqualified WOMAN!! Steven A Smith stated all three judges should be FIRED for giving fight to the game but average Australian pugilist.

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