This Doctor needs to really Apologize


After watching a piece about the expensive cancer fighting drugs that poor folks with cancer can not afford, the words of MD Michael Kirsch became quite relevant and topical:

Am I an apologist for the pharmaceutical companies?  I don’t think so, but others may disagree based on some sympathetic Whistleblower posts that have appeared in this blog.  It is without question that the drug companies have been demonized and portrayed as rapacious gangs of greed who seek profit over all.  Haven’t you come across the pejorative term, Big Pharma?  Linguistical note:  The adjective “Big” means evil.

The mere fact that Doctor Kirsch queries “Am I an apologist for the pharmaceutical companies?” , indicates minute remorse that he is a legal drug pusher. His linkage between the terms Big and Evil is accurate. And to strike a pejorative tone Doctor, you are a salesman for Big pharmaceuticals. Your linguistical note hits the nail on its head.

We all sell out to some extent in order to earn a buck and feed our families, but when folks are dying of cancer when there are drugs that can turn it into a low grade treatable disease, somebody or something must be held accountable. We all know that it is expensive to do all the research and development and clinical trials to bring a new drug to market, BUT how many 100,000 dollar cars do the CEOs of companies like Pfizer and Merck need?


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