Does the Advertising ever End



About the only time we are free from any form of advertising is when we are sound asleep in our comfy bedroom AND that’s only if we remember to turn off the TV before we drift off. Those damned subliminal, dreamlike commercial images in the mind of a slumbering consumer!

A buddy of mine is a janitor for building of medical suites which includes a couple of gynecologists practicing their craft. He not so professionally photographs unusual or funny things. He never takes pics of anything that would identify the doctor or the location of the offices.

So he sends me this picture of a gynecologist’s stirrups. Nothing too unusual about that right? Well look again. There is an Enfamil Expecta PreNatal Dietary Supplement written on the right stirrup! I can just see an anxious pregnant woman straddled in seat peering down at the advertisement waiting to get fingered…..I mean examined by OBGYN.

This is only mildly offensive and pales in comparison to some of the macabre accounts written by ZAHRA BARNES writing for Women’s HealthApparently, she was slut shamed by her Gyno for not being in a monogamous relationship and the haughty, supercilious doctor refused to giver an IUD until she put on the engagement ring!

Dietary ad on OBYGN stirrups
Dietary ad on OBYGN stirrups

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  1. Yo, that looks like the office of an OBGYN we went to when we lived in Roswell, New Mexico in Chaves County USA. You cannot blame the doctor for advertising weight loss programs in his office. Physicians are getting crushed by health insurance companies.

    I know it is your old lady sitting exposed in the gynecologist examining postion with her gut hanging out maybe. Can’t blame the doc for trying to profit off her noticing her cellulite tummy .

    1. You are definitely right about doctors taking it on the chin from for profit health insurance companies!

      Read article by Nancy R. Terry about Ponzi scheme:

      “Commercial, for-profit health insurance is one of the greatest Ponzi schemes ever foisted on the public,” says a family medicine physician. “The executives are the ones that benefit to the detriment of everyone else. How else does the president of one of the largest insurance companies get to be a billionaire? By being at the top of the pyramid of companies’ and individuals’ premium payments.”
      “The single most important factor in the atrociously, astronomically high cost of healthcare in the United States is the rapacious, money-hungry, avarice inflicted insurance companies and their fat cat CEOs,” comments an MPC contributor.

      1. kathy waldman, rather than calling dems impotent and pathetic, should concede the HIGH cost of health care is the problem.

        It pits the people who can afford it against those who cannot. Then poor people blame the rich people for not taking care of them.

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