Don’t you just hate it when you get one of these in the mail??


Billy Sills, General Manager, of Roswell Toyota sent us a letter in the mail which opened with “I understand that you are driving a vehicle that I need. I am willing to pay above market value to trade for it.” I guess this means that if my car had a market value of $6000, he would not give me $7000 to put in my pocket, but would allow the $7000 to count toward the purchase of another used or new car.

The solicitation was an attempt to appear personal and one on one judging from the   almost handwritten appearance of the font. However, the mail box cluttering sales pitch was just an automatically generated letter snail mailed to anybody who had purchased or leased a car from Roswell Toyota located on the highway to Ruidoso.

I am not sure why Mr Sills would send this type of solicitation to anybody who had leased a vehicle since one could not trade in a leased vehicle until the expiration of the lease which is usually 36 months I think. In an age where mail box clutter is exceedingly high, advertisers should be more careful about sending out irrelevant correspondence since most of it never gets opened and only fills up the land fills faster.

I guess we have some sort of proof that high volume junk mailers and some auto dealers do not care too much about the environment.

Offer from Billy Sills of Roswell Toyota
Offer from Billy Sills of Roswell Toyota

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  1. We got same bogus ad in mail from Roswell Toyota begging us to come in because they really wanted our car. Dealt with this character named Jeff Capps(not the minister from Flower Mound,TX). Ran credit check on us before determining whether we even reached the terms of the deal. He didn’t seem to know or care that hurts your credit rating. We walked out without reaching acceptable agreement, but at least got 20 dollars worth of Walmart gift cards.

    1. We have received four airbag recall notifications for our Toyota Matrix. Finally found the time to take it into Krumland Roswell Toyota. Jim Collins the service manager told us the notifications were invalid and he could not perform the safety fix. We took our car to Albuquerque and they got it done in 45 minutes along with an ice cold coke. Will never take any of our cars into Roswell Toyota again. And, yes Albuquerque is over 200 miles from Roswell.

  2. A gentleman named Mike Baker is sending out these “getting on your knees and begging you to come into the dealership” Vehicle Locator Forms. We have a 2015 Camry that Mike apparently really wants.

    We also had very unpleasant and unprofessional encounter with Jeff Capps. He used to be their television personality who was a master of deception and deceit once you met the con artist face to face. Their whole sales staff plays the low monthly payment game, never telling you how much you really are paying for the car. They have an extremely high turnover rate with their floor sales department. We never go there. Get much better deals in Lubbock and Albuquerque! DON’T GIVE THE LIARS YOUR BUSINESS. PURE SLIME!

    1. Mike Baker is the used car boss for Krumland Toyota. I always feel sorry for guys who have devolved to the level of car salesmen. Car salesman is synonymous with lack of trust. Ever notice how you rarely see women selling cars at dealerships?

      Carvana will deliver used cars to your doorstep to help you avoid having to deal with salesMAN face to face. Even after delivery cost, you will still get a better deal than going to the dealership in Roswell NM.

      Read the thought provoking account of Chris Courtney!!

      1. I bet Mike baker is an angel compared to Reno CA car salesman Scott Armstrong who said Las Vegas shooter shared with him that he was depressed and his life was falling apart. Car salesmen are trained liars. Armstrong is hoping for increased sales based on his alleged private exchange with mass shooting killer Stephen Paddock.

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