Don’t repair busy Roads unless absolutely Necessary


Rant           Unnecessary road and highway repair and construction is widespread in United States. I was not surprised to find, in a column by Rick Ramos writing out of Manila in the Philippines, that his country is corrupt with respect to authorizing not needed road/highway construction and repair projects to pad the bank accounts of construction companies who contributed heavily to some politicos campaign expenses.

Rick never told this American reader of the Manila Times that DPWH stands for the Department of Public Works and Highways. DPWH is the entity that is involved in accepting bids and offering contracts to the construction companies that get paid top dollar(maybe a Pinoy would call this premium peso) to perform unnecessary construction and repair work. This means the DPWH is highly vulnerable to bribes and kickback payments for often unneeded services.

I think lawsuits have been filed in the United States related to medical exigencies that could not be treated due to traffic congestion created by bogus construction/repair projects. Ambulances and firetrucks were unable to tend to victims of crashes and fires along with urgent care patients who could not be transported to hospital fast enough.

Ramos vehemently laments functional concrete roads torn apart and rebuilt with substandard quality concrete referred to as ReBlocking, adding that surface patchwork repairs, that would have been adequate, were rejected by DPWH because said work would not be profitable to greedy contractors.

A similar unbearably long Interstate Highway repair project between Abilene,TX and Dallas in the United States strained the patience of millions of travelers for at least 5 years. I think the project was necessary but grossly mismanaged with countless delays and project end underestimates.

Also, this writer witnessed a chain reaction accident on Main Street in Roswell,NM that involved close 10 to vehicles that rear-ended each other. The cause was a poorly marked and placed change your lane sign which suddenly forced a single lane bottleneck  on a two lane road! A class action suit could have been easily filed pertaining to this multiple car accident and I only wish I had been able to video big time fender bender.

Wasteful,inconvenient, and not needed road construction and repair projects
Wasteful,inconvenient, and not needed road construction and repair projects

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