Drunk Drivers Not being Held Accountable MUST STOP!


My cousin, who is a  school teacher in Roswell, NM  disclosed something to us which is very disturbing and troubling.  Along with a police blotter full of third an fourth time DWI offenders, justice has yet to be served in the case of the deceased Lori Johnson. The passionate educator, loved by many of her students and colleagues,  was killed suddenly in April 2015 by the high speed impact of a car driven by Victor M. Torres.

Mr Torres was charged with vehicular manslaughter and predictably pleaded not guilty.  Police at the scene of the crash, smelled alcohol on the body and breath of Torres. Torres, a previous DWI convict in 2007, was airlifted to Lubbock,TX where his BAC test was never disclosed to Chaves County authorities.

There you have it! A man runs over and kills a woman, but due to over protection of crooks in the US, may not be punished properly for his crime! Former students like Jennifer Peach should not have to stand by and watch a broken legal system let a scumbag like Torres go free. His not guilty plea tells ALL about his lack of character. How does he walk in public knowing all of the city detests him?


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  1. The timing of your piece could not have come to us in a better instance! Darlene Starling and Tim Lykins are Roswell residents devastated by the killing actions of Victor M. Torres(Not the Florida Podiatrist or Democratic member of legislator) who now says he remembers nothing of the fateful night.

    Zora Lykins life was gruesomely terminated when she was rear ended jettisoning her vehicle forward 170 feet in about 2 seconds. There are multiple documented violation in both cases and yet both perpetrators are walking free. Is it because Roswell is so poor as to not initiate proper legal proceedings? Rick Kraft! please step forward and use your legal resources to make this right!!!!!! JUST A THOUGHT

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