EBT Cards not allowed at this Pizza Drive through window


Papa Murphy’s take and bake pizza used to allow Electronic Benefit Transfer(EBT) cards at their drive thru making it easy for lazy people to get their pizza at the same convenience as hard working folks who paid for their pizza with either cash or credit cards.

As your can see from the picture of the drive through window in Roswell, NM near Albertsons, EBT card holders no longer can use their government hand out benefits card at the drive through window. They have to show their face inside and suffer the embarrassment of having other patrons know they are living off the fat of the land and are too lazy to work. The problem is many of the lowlifes that use EBT cards know they are stealing from taxpayers, but have no shame or feel no embarrassment. They buy their booze, candy, junk food and sit on their ass in front of the TV set with no intention of changing their life style as long as they have the fat tit of the government to suck on.

I almost wish the government shutdown had lasted longer, but that would have just converted EBT card holders to beggars on the street.

More rants about EBT cards:

katelyn bryant : I work in a grocery store and all day long and that’s all I see is garbage food being bought with ebt!! Im in college and working my butt off and it makes me sick that most people can get a job but just wanna!

Willie Miller: I work at a grocery store and half of the time, people who use EBT cards buy nothing but soda and crap. It’s so irritating that they’re taking that free money for granted. OUR money!

JeffJefferyJeff: makes some great points about the number of people who come into his gas station with a lot of cash, but they still use EBT cards to cigarettes and booze. BTW, Jeff, do not brag too much about making money every time somebody views your video. That mentality sounds a little too close to the kind of people who expect the government to take care of them because they are too lazy to work. Thank you for sharing your experiences as a gas station attendant. I am sure you have seen enough to enrage you for the rest of your life! Take care.

Andrew Evans: I feel you man. the other day i saw a couple come in and buy 20 dollars worth of candy and junk food. thats not the worst part when there 4 year old daughter one little piece of candy to eat they said no they didn’t have any money. (they had well over 200 dollars in food stamps). then the father asked for a pack of cigarettes and gave me a $100 bill to pay for it. when they walked outside i gave the kid a piece of candy and told them im sorry they had horrible parents

Very related to this rant is the following warning issued by the state of Iowa about the penalties associated with fraudulently abusing your ownership of the SNAP EBT card. It serves to illustrate that many lazy people do not appreciate government handouts enough to NOT cheat with what hard working United States citizens have given them!

Misuse of SNAP benefits is a violation of State and Federal laws. 

DO NOT(forbidden):

  • Sell, trade or give away your SNAP benefits, PIN or Iowa EBT Card.
  • Allow a retailer(retailers are as much to blame) to buy your food benefits in exchange for cash.
  • Use someone else’s SNAP benefits(Unenforceable) or Iowa EBT card for your household.
Food Stamp Card Not Allowed at Drive In Window
Food Stamp Card Not Allowed at Drive In Window

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  1. You know the United States is a full blown welfare state when a top google search is “can I use my ebt card at a Dunkin Donut located in gas station?” Many EBT card users are pathetic leeches who should be vaporized because they steal from hard working tax paying citizens.

    1. I believe that it was Gail Meyers(wrote of her struggles with narcissistic personality disorder from her children’s point of view) of HubPages who wrote about the drop in SNAP (supplemental nutritional assistance program) aka food stamps benefits.
      Chaves county, population 55,000 , has 15,482 SNAP recipients according to Tess Townsend of RDR. This leads to security problems for places like Salvation Army and Roadrunner Mobile Food Pantry according to Fran Brown and Jane Batson.
      The upside of all this is that lazy people living off of working folks will have to get off their ass and find a job.

    2. Agreed, chunk them all into a deep pit and then let those who promise they will try to find a job come out of the pit. Bury the rest of the punks!

      Did you read the piece on stuffblackpeopledontlike(VDARE- SBPDL “Paul Kersey” is begging for PayPal Handouts) about starting a revolution if their EBT card quits working? Go ahead and start a revolution you starving lazy monkeys. It will be much easier to subdue you with no food in your gut.

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