Enough of the 1 to 2 Billing Cycle Nonsense


Polite Ranting is Healthy

After many years of enjoying our 5-3-1 Sam’s Club Mastercard, we decided to use our Capital One Spark Unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase with our convenient Scan and Go smart phone app. We love the Scan and Go as we can push our cart full of groceries and goods past the check out stands and directly to the front door where the attendant just scans our smart phone bar code and WE ARE OUT THE DOOR!

Why did we link our Capital One card to the Scan and Go? Easy question to answer: Sam’s Mastercard only gives us 1% and Capital One gives us 2%. This upset Sam’s club so much that they sent us a 3% promotion on all Scan and Go purchases which looked good at first.

However, upon closer reading the promotion is only good from September 2017 to January 2018. Also it takes TWO FRIGGING BILLING CYCLES for promotion to take affect! So sorry Sam’s master card we are sticking to using our Capital One card with the Scan and Go app. Make it 3% year around and we will go back to using your Mastercard that does NOT itemize the 3% travel and dining AND the 5% gasoline purchases.

Two billing Cycle promotions Joke Sam’s club


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  1. We noticed the same deceptive practice and promotion by Sam’s club master card. We cut them off in the scan and go app and switched it to the Alliant Cashback Visa Signature card which is 3% cash back on ALL purchases!!

    Thanks to financial writer Claire Tsosie of nerd finances for making us aware of this superstar credit card.

    We buy around $3000 a month at Sam’s warehouse in Roswell NM for our rancher friends and that cash bac k piles up quick!!

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