Entitlement Culture Always votes Democrat


Rant     I read with a great deal of interest the letter to editor of Roswell Daily Record penned by Dr. Martin Kral. Kral who confidently opines that Trump will crush Hilary Clinton which indicates a certain amount of naivety/ignorance for such a well educated man which is really the point of this rant.

Roswell NM is loaded with people who live off EBT cards and government assistance. The town has an income support division and a very low median income.  Much of the populace has learned that they can make more and work less doing this than being employed at Home Depot, retail, or fast food. Many young people these days actually believe that one of the government’s roles is to take care of citizens who are not working.

Estimates are that around 95 million Americans depend on some form of government financial assistance. So, do you think that the indolent masses will vote  for the GOP which is typically associated with cutting government assistance to folks unwilling to work? Democrat Hilary will win because people vote pocketbook and not the ideology espoused by a high tech humanoid robot guy now weighing in as a political commentator. I stand by Keith Bell’s opinion of Donald Trump. I doubt Dr Kral does.


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  1. Well Martin happened to be RIGHT! Trump beat the hell out of the liberal whiners! Opinions are a dime a dozen. You voiced yours logical opinion which happened to be Dead Wrong. Kral is an experienced author who appears to know much more about the political forces in Roswell than you sir!!

  2. Sara Murray, Kevin Liptak, Jeff Zeleny, CNN writers are rapidly losing credibility when the source of the majority of their articles is a White House staffer speaking on the condition of anonymity. Google Liptak and felony conviction in college.

    1. Yes Liptak wrote excellent piece in New York Times about Scott D. Bowen,who is an Oregon man sentenced to 17 years in prison for sex offenses.

      Bowen recently asked the Supreme Court to review the sex crime conviction. The case against Mr. Bowen was based on statements from his 15-year-old daughter, who had run away from home. Mr. Bowen said his daughter had made up the accusations to gain her independence. So much for a loving daughter?!?

      Prosecutors were able to convince only 10 jurors of Mr. Bowen’s guilt. In Oregon, that was enough to LOCK him up!

      1. Scholarship America contributor Janine Fugate believes convicted felons should have same rights and privileges as law abiding citizens. Ask her why. That’s the part where she gets quiet.

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