Episode of Histrionic Personality Disorder on National TV


The kid you see crying in the picture was on the floor of the basketball arena in an expensive seat most of us could not afford. His parents are well off enough to afford the braces/retainer you see on his teeth. The young man is clearly a Northwestern fan and was sobbing over flagrant foul call he though was a flop.

The March Madness game of interest here was played at Vivint Smart Home Arena, Salt Lake City between Gonzaga and Northwestern. The adolescent was wailing on pretty much every call that went against his Wildcats and I was shocked TNT panned to his disconsolate countenance sooooo much!

The immaturity  of this young spectator is similar to students who resorted  to various  bizarre types of therapy  after Donald Trump’s destruction of Hillary in general election. Colleges and universities  encouraged students to cry, cuddle with puppies, sip hot chocolate, and  sculpt with Play-Doh to reduce stress and soothe their fragile egos and psyches after their weak female candidate lost the presidential election. Read the effort of Brooke Singman about coddling campus whiners who believe the world revolves around them and their pathetically weak constitutions.

The kid’s world comes crashing down when his team is not winning and he chooses to blame the referees rather than the FACT that Gonzaga is a better basketball team than  the Wildcats who played way over their head to even be playing Gonzaga.


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  1. (Who was the kid who threw the temper tantrum, crying like a baby, screaming at referee, on national TV, meltdown in Gonzaga/Northwestern NCAA finals tournament?)

    Comon Dude!, you are making fun of kid who is a super loyal fan and an exemplary symbol of March Madness NCAA style. Athletic director Jim Phillips should be proud of his son John who wore his heart on his sleeve. Give him a chance to grow up. He is probably already much more mature than you! I get what you are saying about the entitlement culture and all but PLEASE! I do agree he should not become famous or a national hero or get interviewed on Ellen for his out of control episode.

    Lindsay Joy can tell you more about the spoiled rotten 11 year old. Kyle Neubeck also produced some fair coverage comparing to crying piccolo girl. Unfortunately some things follow you around for life. John Phillips will be on edge during job interviews in about 7 years.

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