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Have you noticed that password creation requirements are out of control complicated and produce hard to remember passwords? What follows are the convoluted and difficult to comprehend password rules for Central Michigan University student accounts.

Insisting that every password have an uppercase alphabetic character is not asking too much as far as producing a password that is mnemonic, BUT the three-character sequence requirement of, say, b#c is burdensome to the extent that it becomes an imminently forgettable password. This, of course, forces users to go into this infinite reset password loop creating another hard to remember sequence of characters every TIME.

CMU graduate school lost my business to distance learning website with a much friendlier interface and less restrictive password rules. Also, it is not just CMU that is complicit in this password crisis that is afflicting the United States. Fortunately, in most cases you can find a competitor who has the common sense to NOT make creating a password an onerous, time consuming and unnecessarily complicated process.

Convoluted password creation requirements Central Michigan University
Convoluted password creation requirements Central Michigan University




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  1. Casey Johnston, writing for ars technica, jumps on the overly complex password bandwagon by citing a study that addressed the problems of usability in password complexity where both studies were conducted in part by Michelle L. Mazurek, wife of Ars Gaming Editor Kyle Orland). The authors of the studies looked at 12,000 passwords created by participants under multiple construction methods, including comprehensive8, where passwords must be at least 8 characters and include both an uppercase and lowercase letter, as well as a digit and a symbol, and must not contain dictionary words; basic8, where passwords must be 8 characters with no other restrictions; and basic16, where passwords must be 16 characters with no other restrictions.

    One of the implied conclusions in aforementioned studies was the forced inclusion of special characters led to more forgotten passwords and the arduous process of resetting another easy to forget password. Moreover, longer passwords were NOT necessarily harder to crack!

    1. The TeacherStep or Converse College teacher graduate course website also has overly complicated password requirements. I had signed up for $1500 worth of instructional technology courses and it would not let me create a password I could remember! I called their customer service number (864) 308-1322 only to not get a human and NOT be able to leave voice message. I found a better distance learning program,and much more user friendly, in Socorro,NM

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