Fatal Presidential Election ERROR


RantResidents of Carlsbad,  Hobbs,  Tatum, Vaughn, Elida, Portales, Artesia, and Roswell New Mexico effusively thank Huma Abedin for exposing her boss Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The careless and thoughtless fashion,in which Clinton left emails relevant to the investigation of her private email server on a computer belonging to  the pervert who was one married  to Huma Abedin, is incontrovertible evidence that female Clinton believes she is above the law AND can get away with anything!!

Citizens, not just in southeast NM, have to be wondering why Huma Abedin, who appeared to be one of the Clinton Foundation CORPORATION executive’s top aids, has not been fired.

Trump was gonna win the presidential election anyway, but Hillary’s gaffe which made headlines in extreme liberal newspapers like the Washington Post and the New York Times will cost crooked Hillary an unrecoverable number of precious votes.

She choked when running against our black president and she is folding again against THE DONALD.


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