Female Protester Spits in Police Officer’s Mouth


A UNM student, named Evan Lavin, believes a police officer used unnecessary force in subduing and restraining a belligerent, aggressive female who had spit menacingly in a cop’s face and mouth at the University of New Mexico Campus. She had been intimidating workers at voter’s registration area, while ¬†ignoring repeated requests to vacate the area.

Evan was kind of disturbed by the force that the police officer used and the force that the woman hit the floor with. He was not sure what happened, but was sure that force was unnecessary. Evan, perhaps you need the experience of having your mouth spit in by pyscho, out of control person to properly adjust your mindset.

Since you were unaware of what happened, the correct and mature action would be to NOT render your opinion to the media. I guess the right can not expect a Hillary Clinton supporter to be fair to our nation’s police force. You and KRQE News are equally complicit in distorting and misrepresenting what really happened near the Duck Pond. The day may come where you need assistance from law enforcement, but will not get it because your irresponsible actions and commentary make officers reluctant to do their jobs of protecting the general welfare of the populus!


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  1. This incident was an example of the cop using the appropriate amount of force with an out of control, disruptive female hooligan. The Daily Mail pieces by Simon Tomlinson cover a Arizona University excessive use of force by American officer.

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