Fight Back Against Surprise Medical Billing


Polite Ranting is Healthy

The article by Bob Herman  regarding patients and people enraged about surprise medical bills was very illuminating. He precisely defined balance billing which refers to when physicians submit a patient’s claim to the insurance company and ask the patient to help pay the difference between what the insurer pays for out-of-network care and what the doctor  happened to charge for his services.

Doctors no longer disclose to their patients/customers what anything costs. We are stuck trusting both the doctor and the insurance companies to be honest and transparent about their pricing. One has NO WAY OF KNOWING IF THE DOCTOR IS CHARGING TOO MUCH or IF THE INSURANCE COMPANY IS PAYING THEIR FAIR SHARE!!

One thing you can do about a questionable medical bill is TO NOT PAY IT! It does not harm your credit score as much as it used to. We have purchased both homes and cars at low interest rates because issuers of credit lines know medical billing is sometimes fraudulent and unfair. Also, many upstart physicians do not report delinquent bills for fear of losing customers or developing a reputation as a greedy heartless professional.


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  1. Richard Lawhern, the advocate for over 5,000 chronic pain patients with Trigeminal Neuralgia – the worst pain known in medical practice, has also spoken out criticizing the general lack of transparency with respect to medical billing and pricing.

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