Finding God’s match for YOU: The ultimate sales pitch

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail advertises that they can find God’s match for you¬†for as low as $29.95 per month. Couldn’t you save yourself some money by just directly praying to the Good Lord for that special someone to make their way into your life? It would be cheaper and you would not have to support an enterprise that claims they know who God has chosen to be your lifetime mate.

ChristianMingle also promises to find a “committed relationship” match for those who do not want to be married. Last time I checked, God did not think too much about couples who cohabited outside the sacred contract of marriage, but ChristianMingle will charge you 30 dollars a month for seeing who God has in store for you. I would have thought that ¬†professional matchmakers who believe they have a hotline to God would be aware that the good book forbids living together if not married.

Most forms of advertising involve elements of deception, but there is nothing deceptive about ChristianMingle’s spiel. This online dating service comes right out and says they have found God’s match for you and will charge you as much as 60 dollars a month to reveal their “Godsend” to you. Give it just a little thought before you give any of your hard earned money to this for-profit online Christian business.

I was quite flattered to learn that Paul Farhi of the Washington Post concurred with my point of view when he declared that Christian Mingle might be the most audacious, and perhaps the most presumptuous, ad slogan ever devised.



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