Fire and Brimstone Roswell NM


Saturday mornings around the country are often accompanied by scraping religious flyers and brochures off your front door. This particular morning at my niece’s abode in Roswell New Mexico, the doorbell rang which she chose not to answer after viewing two middle aged men approaching the front door via her 360 degree home security camera. They rang the doorbell twice and finally left after waiting around a minute. We could hear them talking through the door stating that very few people ever open. These guys were trying to up the congregation numbers of a Baptist Church at address 700 East Berrendo Road. Pastor David Walden will accept your tithings on Sunday and Wednesday if he can scare you into attending his cash strapped small business designated as non-profit by IRS I presume.

Incidentally, my niece has has some colleagues who live in the neighboring La Bella Vita enclave. They rather frequently have to put up with the intrusive door knockings of the Latter-day Saints. What sucks is the proselytizing solicitors seeking to sell you spiritual salvation keep on knocking over and over forcing you to answer the door!! Glad we live in the country where very little of that happens!


We found this on my nieces front door in the Sorrento subdivision of Roswell NM USA. These Baptist Bible Thumpers declare the only way to heaven is to realize your penalty by receiving Christ as your savior to avoid being burned in a boiling lake of sulfur after you die if you happen to be a liar, idolater, a man who sleeps with his neighbor’s wife, a Donald Trump supporter etc.

The problem with all this is that this Roswell Church wants you to “turn to Jesus” as a member of their church so that they can collect 10% of your income as demanded in the scriptures. They “recognize your condition as a sinner”. Just be sure you recognize their condition as an entity that needs your money to keep their doors open and pay their Reverend. You can pray to your lord Jesus Christ at home for free.



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  1. Wow! I never would have thought that if a church wanted money that bad, that they would use such an approach. If they were smart, they’d do what all those feel-good, cool mega churches do! Now THAT approach works! People flock in along with their money and all the peacher has to do is hold the Bible up once in a while and tell them they’re just around the corner from their next “blessing!” Oh, and EVERYBODY is going to heaven, too! You just need to pray now and then. See, THAT’S how it’s done! On the other hand, maybe Pastor Walden isn’t just suffering from an ignorant approach… Maybe he actually BELIEVES what that that flyer says and he just wants people to pray right wherever they are so they will have that “eternal life’ like that verse says! How weird would that be! Maybe you can ask him if he comes your door and you could “save” HIM! For a bonus, get a Bible and read it a little for yourself… Then you could make your own flyer and give him one! You know, I read the Bible once, and what was funny is that Jesus did say He was the only way to God. So, the people thought he was crazy or lying. And they stuck him on a Roman cross and killed him. It’s unbelievable that some believed him, and still do- maybe people like Pastor Walden and his cash-strapped, poor church that probably won’t get any more cash telling people about the Jesus in the Bible….

    1. Couldn’t agree more with your point of view Doctor Doyle.

      Roswell has for profit church not to far from the fire station on Richardson. It is called The Door. I guess the metaphor is your door to salvation which has a monetary cost associated with it.

      Pastor Nic Montoya and Family have been all over the world until natives in the region figured out what was going(for profit spreading the word of God)
      Pastor Montoya and Wife Alicia, began his ministry in Flagstaff, AZ. He has
      preached in Utah as well, and recently he and his family were missionaries
      on the island of Trinidad and Tobago for several years.

      Assistant/Spanish Pastor Jesse Rios:
      Jesse and Yolanda (Yogi) Rios have been faithful ministers in the Hobbs church for years, and have
      also spent time pastoring in Roswell, NM. They are a tremendous blessing to our congregation
      with their ministry and example of faithfulness (faith to the almighty dollar).

      Outreach Directors
      Adam and Erica Guerro are serving the local for profit chruch here in Hobbs NM.
      Adam is coordinating the Saturday night music concerts, as well as heading up all our outdoor activities.

  2. The NERVE of those guys! And the NERVE of “reverend” Walden, too! How DARE THEY have the unmitigated gall, audacity and perseverance to actually believe what their Bibles say, and THEN to actually go out and act upon those beliefs! Why in the world would ANYONE actually SAY they believe something in private and then turn around and actually live out those beliefs in PUBLIC of all places? Absolute ludicrousness, I say! Ludicrousness!
    But, then again, perhaps it’s even more difficult to hide behind one’s opinions in a generic safe-space that is a (lack-of-proper-and-accurate-punctuation) blog, only upholding to those beliefs and opinions in digitized cyber anonymity.
    I’ll not engage in any sort of debate with you, Mr. Daniels, as I easily recognize the difference between when someone truly wants to learn & be more educated upon a particular matter and when they merely want to argue about trivial, token happenings; fully waisting another’s time.
    I will, however, give you proper credit in making one of the most true statements that has ever been uttered by human lips (or displayed in ASCii characters, as is the case here), and that would be your saying, “You can pray to your lord [sic] Jesus Christ at home for free.” This statement is both genius in its technicalities and doctorate-level theology, yet basic in its child-like simplicity.
    In a reply to Sevie McDonald you stated that you’d like for it to be explained to you and that you were all ears, √° la Ross Perot. If you truly would like to fully understand, Mr. Daniels, then why not engage those door-knocking, flyer-plastering gentlemen in an open and honest dialogue personally, then accurately and truthfully report on said findings in your blog? Or, perhaps even engaging their reverend CEO, pastor Walden? I’m sure any of them would allow an infinite amount of time for such a dialogue; perhaps even sans the customary ten-percent initial office fee.
    Better yet, what better way to understand about Jesus Christ than to simply ask Him about Himself. I’m quite certain He’s plenty of time at your convenience. After all, why waste time and money to travel to a church to engage another human being when you can easily engage the Master for free, and all from the comfy convenience of your La-Z-Boy?

    1. Speaking of anonymity, Uncle Joe, I mean Hudson, do understand you correctly when I posit your devotion to the greatest mass delusion in the history of mankind? The belief in a supernatural being who actually cares where naked apes put their hands while giving them a waiver to slaughter all the plants and animals they want as though the resources on this planet were reserved for this odd creature with an overdeveloped brain.

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