Four Way Stop Sign Imbroglio


Rant       Roswell NM Keith Bell has many folks in Southeastern New Mexico who admire his work. I found this cartoon posted on another blog called four-way Fandango where vehicles were piled up at four way stop sign intersection in mutual gridlock.

The traffic jam had nothing to do with rush hour or congestion associated with road construction, etc. It was caused by the hand signaling that occurs when drivers arrive simultaneously and do not adhere to the well established law that the driver on the right has the right of way. I learned that in 10th grade driver’s ed in Midland Texas for Christ sake!

Roswell is full of Cowboys and Cowgirls who are use to driving out in the country where everybody says howdy and has a slower pace of life. You see people walking around in cowboy boots and spurs frequently. I just wish to hell they would take the time to learn the traffic laws governing four way intersections as part of any credible driver’s education course actually prohibits hand signals. The rationale is that for hand signals to be effective, all the drivers at the intersection have to see the signal and all figure it out together.

I know the people that hand signal are well intentioned and good ole boys, but you confuse people and slow things down doing it your way not in compliance with traffic code. I had a guy honk at me in a very pissed off way when I stubbornly ignored his hand signals and light flashing one day around dusk. He must of tried for 45 seconds trying to get  my attention while I put my head down pretending to fiddle with something in glove compartment.

Four way stop sign intersections suck
Four way stop sign intersections suck

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    1. I found pic at . Not surprised it was submitted for an award. Hilarious.

      I sure hope rdr appreciates you as a precious resource and compensates you accordingly. As I have written somewhere else here, I am shocked you have not been lured away to more lucrative greener pastures. I hope you stay forever and hope your employer keeps giving you the carte Blanche to let it all hang out in your wonderful cartoons!

      I don’t remember seeing anything you did on nmmi alumni association struggles?

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