Friends Quarreling Over Trip Expenses


This Dear Abby inquiry was quite shocking as it involved a dispute over how expenses were to be shared on a long road trip involving two people who were ostensibly friends. The friend living in NYC volunteered to drive her car all the way to Miami picking up her friend in North Carolina.

The distance from NYC to Miami is 1300 miles making this very long road trip a 2600 mile round trip. The tight wad living in North Carolina wants to split the gasoline cost only for the time she is in her friend’s car from North Carolina to Miami and back. This clearly is not fair or reasonable given that the New Yorker’s automobile will experience 2600 miles of wear and tear!

In fact, an equitable sharing of the expenses would be for the North Carolinian to pay for 2/3 of the gas for the entire 2600 mile round trip to compensate the Gotham city denizen for using her vehicle.

I am shocked that some folks feel compelled to write a newspaper advice columnist for this type of guidance. Adults should be able to discern between a friend and a fake friend. The woman in North Carolina is not a friend in my estimation given her reluctance to split the expenses more equitably.

Do you really need the advice  of Abby to Deal with a friend like this?
Do you really need the advice of Abby to Deal with a friend like this?

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