Glen Beck Can’t Handle the Truth


The Following is what Glenn Beck believes about the Wolf Blitzer interview of the atheist after the Oklahoma City tornado:

Glenn Beck believes that a CNN producer who “doesn’t like Christians” and is “sympathetic to the atheist plight” orchestrated Wolf Blitzer’s interview with Oklahoma tornado survivor and atheist Rebecca Vitsmun because the exchange was “really bizarre” and “not natural.”

Translated, it is really bizarre and not natural to Glenn Beck that somebody could not believe in a God a few days after everything  that was important to them was decimated by a two mile wide tornado. So, of course, the interview with Rebecca Vitsmun had to be staged according to Beck’s distorted and specious reasoning.

I am certain that Rebecca’s views on whether some transcendent creator really exists would not be swayed in the least by a severe wind disturbance in OKC. Also, have you ever wondered why folks like Glen Beck do not appear on Bill Maher? Maher, an unapologetic atheist, would quickly destroy the untenable  God based world views of a recovering alcoholic who does not have the guts to believe that the lights probably just go out when you die.



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