Harshly Punish Destructive Taggers


The following article from krqe.com embarrasses the city of Roswell,NM who should give back its All-America city award. Corey Cortez, if guilty of all the tagging he is accused of, should be thrown in jail for at least 3 years. A 19-year-old punk like him, who negatively influences the younger kids who were caught with him, does not deserve a break and should be punished severely for the manner in which he seeks attention! Cortez is even worse than the dog who pisses on a newspaper marking his territory. At least the canine does not intend to destroy property. Cortez should be charged with a felony which will certainly hurt his chances of ever having a decent job or life, not that he would have had one anyway.

While on the topic of tagging the following photo, taken under a Spring River bridge at 7th and Washington near Cahoon Park, is a RIP tag for Austin Mairot who left us way too early. The topic of a young man’s tragic passing certainly should be treated with the utmost respect and I only wonder if Austin would have wanted his name spray painted on a cement bridge support.

As an aside, Marianne Woolsey of Austin,TX wrote about the issues associated with excessive graffiti in her neigborhood  in the Longhorn city back in 1996.

In Loving Memory of Austin Mairot

Friday morning graffiti was everywhere, on dumpsters, through neighborhoods, on electric boxes and covering more than 20 businesses along Main Street. Owners say they are disgusted.

“If only these kids or their parents were made to pay for what it costs to clean it up,” said Roswell’s Senior Circle Director Marifrank DaHarb. “It’s labor intensive. It’s expensive. Not to mention an eyesore.”

“I think it’s terrible that people have to do that,” agreed Roswell’s Racket Club Manager Jeanette Fry. “Hopefully, if they find who did it, they should have them come clean it up or take care of the problem.”

The taggers taunted police by spraying “catch me” on one cinder block wall. Little did they know, police were about to, and it’s mainly thanks to one man who saw the suspects in action.

“The neighborhood dogs were barking louder than usual which caused me to look out the window and when I looked out, I saw them tagging the fence or the wall.” The man didn’t want to be identified for fear of retaliation, but he tracked the five suspects on foot and called police.

The cops caught the vandals in the act a short time later near Main Street. Now Corey Cortez, 19, and four of his friends, two 17-year-olds and two 16-year-olds, are facing graffiti charges. The city has yet to total up the damages, but officials expect the final tally to be in the thousands of dollars.

Meanwhile, the man who caught the taggers in the act has some advice. “We don’t have a neighborhood watch in our neighborhood, but someone’s got to do it,” he said. “It’s something I think all the citizens in Roswell should have to do. Look out for each other.”

Goddard and Roswell High Schools were also tagged earlier in the week. Police believe the same five people are responsible because the tags were similar to the ones left behind Thursday night. If that’s the case, the five will face even more charges. Police do not thing these taggers are tied to gangs.


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  1. The law caught up with Adrian Sanchez after he took a baseball bat to a vintage antique car. He woke up this morning in the Chaves county detention center. It was his neighbor’s car.

  2. In the following series of destructive tagging, the total damages were around $3500. Parents should be held financially accountable!

    Police responded to the Bank of the Southwest, 800 West Hobbs Street, Wednesday, following a case of tagging. Officers noticed when they arrived at the scene that Farmers Country Market had also been painted with graffiti. In the same plaza, ICON Cinema had also been hit. Cumulative damages in the three cases were estimated at $3,500.

  3. 18 year old Dylan Adam Davis died foolishly while truck surfing near bitter lake wild bird refuge. Was a good kid at Valley Christian Academy and an asset to his family business. He was standing on the hood of a friends pick up truck while it was in motion before losing balance, falling, and being crushed.

      1. Hi Shana,

        We were out for evening walk in towards Cahoon when we saw this tribute to your brother. I hope he passed peacefully and there was no disrespect conveyed in this post. We assumed it was related to some of the gangs and drug dealing that unfortunately go in way too much here. take care, and I am sure you meant a lot to him. Life is full of tragedies and that does not diminish how much he loved his little sister.

    1. I fully sympathize with your feelings Daniel. Kris Shuman has an uncle who feels the same way. Officers responded to the 700 block of East 3rd Street at approximately 2:25 a.m. this morning in reference to a deceased male.

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