Identifiable Litter


Polite Ranting is Healthy

So we found this piece of litter with a neatly printed name on our daughters front doorstep as we entered to babysit our grandson. Seems to be our only function these days as we transition into retirement.

To us it was a non biodegradable plastic laminated advertisement from Hughes Network Systems LLC for HughesNet WiFi Service. The ad became a piece of trash when the residents of 19 Positano Loop in Roswell NM failed to  dispose of it properly.

We know that many people are littering slobs, but would like to know why the Chanhassen Minnesota Internet Service Provider wraps their solicitations in environmentally harmful plastic.

Mail litter found on private property


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  1. You assume Daniel Moreno intentionally littered. Roswell is windy as hell dude! Get a life Man!! It probably just blew out when he was dumping trash. Maybe his kids did it. You got nothing better to do than take pictures of people’s litter bro?

  2. Did you read the piece written by Cheyenne Cope over the illegal mess being made at the Salvation Army Thrift Store in southeast Roswell?
    Police officers say much of the illegal dumping at the store involves items that should be considered trash.

    Officers stated the thrift store accepts donations only during its business hours of Tuesday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and donations should not be left outside the store at any time.

    The thrift store doesn’t accept non-working items or clothing that is in a condition that it likely cannot be used. If this continues, the Thrift store will close and force the lowlifes to litter their own property or drag their lazy ass to the dump!

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