Imperialist Amateur posing as president


     Rant First my apologies for the post title that may at first appear to be tangentially related to the post content, but you will figure it out if you continue reading.

Thomas L. McDonald, of, who states that blogging angry can be clarifying is definitely on to something. One is necessarily more direct when they are pissed off and do not run the risk of being misunderstood or leaving the reader wondering their true intentions.

I do differ with McDonald on a few things. For one, Writers, artists and musicians are typically not too ambitious often flirting with financial disaster regardless of the state of our economy. I am guessing McDonald is a Bohemian type who does not produce much income. Sorry if that assumption is erroneous Thomas. You are incontrovertibly right implying that doctors will lose any of their remaining clinical autonomy when the Affordable Health Care Act is implemented.

The ideology of most folks is pretty much determined by their income and upbringing and most of us vote pocketbook despite our egalitarian out cries. McDonald’s characterization of Obama as an Imperialist Amateur posing as president is priceless as his rant that you see below on our crumbling health care system! 

Writers, artists, musicians, etc are set to lose their health care under Obamacare changes.
Sweet sweet poetic justice.
As I get endlessly put through the wringer over changes this Ahole and his Ahole supporters forced on us (we just lost our pediatrician because of Obamacare changes), I’m glad to know that same class of elites who supported this obvious disaster will suffer along with me.

I wrote in detail about my thoughts on Obamacare back when sane people were opposing it and idiot idealists were shouting, “Nah, man! We gotta fix the system, or maybe just break it until we get single payer and are all equally miserable under a bloated and ineffective nationalized health system.”
Small changes? Sensible reforms? Screw that!
Nah! They’re leftists! They never met a bullshit program or obviously futile effort which they didn’t think they could make work with their Magic Positive Energy Thought Beams. The entire American left has taken up permanent residence in Equestria.

If you supported Obamacare because you thought “well something–anything!–needs to be done,” you’ve contributed to the destruction of American health care. Thanks for that! I think I read more of the bill than Nancy Pelosi (and certainly more than Obama) and I could tell it was a mess from step 1.
I’ve been in very close personal contact with the health care system for months now, with different family members and different maladies, and everywhere I go, it’s a complete clusterfrak, from the cardiologists driven out of business because they couldn’t afford the mandatory healthcare records computer system which cost $250,000 (which, of course, won’t ever be tied directly to the NSA with all your medical records: they pinky swear!), to the bizarre and contradictory rules which no one understands.

It is all probably going to crash, which is why they keep (illegally) postponing the implementation date and (illegally) giving exemptions to political supporters and donors.
If you supported it, I’m pretty pissed off at you right now. You weren’t paying attention to the details. And any marginally intelligent person (McDonald clearly fancies himself as exceptionally intelligent)knows that is where you find the devil, not in the grandiose abstractions peddled by this Imperialist Amateur posing as president.
And now my kids are losing a fine doctor because no one can make the system work any more, and they’re just putting out fires the best they can. Doctors are going out of business. Costs are skyrocketing.


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