Impugning somebody’s Good name with Spam


All websites of any repute are constantly plagued with spam from around the world.  The cost can be decreased site performance and dissatisfied customers.  Background programs that try to intercept the unwanted spam can slow down your page loads.

On the moral or social side of the coin the good names of unsuspecting people can be harmed or destroyed.

We have been receiving spam nonstop from someone who claims to be Ronald Lem. What follows is is a snippet of what we receive daily that is automatically tagged and deleted:

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Our security certificate expires yearly, so we have to continually verify our identify again and again.
We are not a call center! Phone service is by qualified health professionals only!

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The string of vertical dots or periods that you see above is usually much longer and intended to make it difficult to manually delete the email from the spamster. The real tragedy is  not the inconvenience to website owners or their customers, but the libel on the character of the true Ronald Lem or even using the names of the deceased towards the selfish aims of spam.

Read the work of Scott Hazen Mueller who helped us in our spam battle at a very reasonable cost. Be careful with anti spam gateway solutions. Unless you set tolerances just right, important customer data can be filtered out as well! Also Brett Forrest’s Moscow Spam King Vardan Kushnir spammed at stunningly high rates sleeping with young sexy horny Russian girls. The ruthless spammer was brutally murdered in an attack made to look like a robbery.


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  1. I also am getting overwhelmed with spam from Somebody purporting to be Ronald Lem. I doubt these bitches use their real names. We depend heavily on our website in Roswell NM to support our daily dairy schedule. I believe attorney Jeff Grandjean has expertise in Internet litigation. Can you help?

  2. Well done Krystal Kincaid UNM student in Albuquerque for macing a drunk Asian who was trying to assault her with a pencil. She sprayed the chinky eyed perp directly in eyes leading to his arrest!

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