In defence of deputy Paul Schene


Any normal person will react angrily and defensively if struck or physically attacked. That is what many of our nation’s underpaid police officers face every single  day of their depressing job. The following exceptionally well written commentary comes to us from PJ Media where the author apparently was/is a police officer. Officer Schene physically disciplined a spoiled rotten 15 year old girl who was in a vehicle reported stolen. The immature girl was reported to have struck Schene on the shin with one of her shoes. You can see in this video of him aggressively pinning the girl to floor that he used more force than necessary, but she needs to have more respect for the law.


Every police officer has had this experience. You come across a case of criminal wrongdoing, and the person you’ve arrested takes the position that you have neither the right nor the authority to cause him the burdensome inconvenience of having the law enforced at his expense. He proceeds to lecture you on the law, more particularly his knowledge and your ignorance of it. He tells you about his influential friends who will surely have you removed from your job or at least reassigned to some less desirable post. He offers his opinions on your appearance and your ancestry and your personal life, often to the point of accusing you of having an improper, dare I say Oedipal, relationship with your mother. And then, at some point during the booking process, he commits some overt act of provocation, even one as seemingly innocuous as kicking his shoe at you, and you have to decide…….



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  1. You would not believe the BS police officers have to put up with in Albuquerque,NM. The town is loaded with drugged out, alcoholic punks carrying automatic weapons. Suicide by cop gets publicized as officer involved shooting, but the officers get vilified as evil for shooting the poor meth head criminal who had horrible upbringing and was the victim.

    If your Dad is a cop and somebody points gun at him, do you really want your loving father to be compassionate at that moment trying to determine if the perpetrator was abused when he was growing up? Please!! people do not take the guns out of the police officers hands. Maybe somebody you love will have to get shot before you will GET IT!!!

  2. Excuse me. Both of you guys are attempting to justify a police officer punishing a suspect by suggesting that the officers a) are not paid enough; b) deal with people who assert that they know more than the officers; and c) deal with people who are dangerous and/or intoxicated and/or crazy.
    Which is absolutely true. And 100% irrelevant, in part because there isn’t any indication that was the case here. This particular girl did not appear to be dangerous or intoxicate. She didn’t lecture the officers and she has nothing to do with how much they are paid.
    It is also important to note that it is NEVER the officer’s job to discipline the suspect. Officers may use appropriate force to defend themselves and others. As soon as the danger is over, they are no longer entitled to use any force at all. I get it; their superiors get it. We all know that people lose their temper. People who lose their temper and use force that they are not entitled to use usually get fired. If a bus driver attacks a passenger after losing his temper, he can expect to be fired and possibly face criminal prosecution, just like Officer Schene.
    Here’s an extra test to apply: if, instead of being a 90 pound girl by herself, this had been three 6’7″ 350lb world class athletes, do you think Officer Schene could have controlled his temper? The fact that he is still alive tells me that he could. The fact that she was a little girl that he could “discipline” by pulling her hair, throwing her against the wall and then onto the floor where he could mount her before applying a bit more discipline tells me that he felt as if his status and his size gives him the right to teach little girls how to act.

    1. You are basing your observations and conclusions on only a small part of the interaction between the spoiled girl and the officer. What did not appear in the video was the screaming, yelling, and temper tantrums of a rebellious teen because the policeman had the nerve to arrest her for driving a stolen vehicle.

      If you read the written description of what she did and said prior to the video footage you are considering in isolation, then you might alter your opinion.

      I get your perspective about a big tough cop pinning a girl to the floor. 99% of the time that is wrong, but in this case the girl needed an attitude adjustment and hopefully the ass kicking she got will remind her to not be involved in the stealing of an automobile.

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