Inconsistency on this Credit Card’s Cash Rewards Delivery Terms


This is, but, a very mild rant about the Cash Rewards check cut by Capital One who issued us a World Elite Quicksilver Master card with a very generous credit  limit. They definitely want the business of people with exceptionally high credit scores because they offered us $150 for ONLY spending $500 in the first three months!

That was easy enough since we put our phone bill, cable TV bill, internet, etc on the card which put us over $500 early in our second billing cycle.  So the check is on the way picture you see below was for around $175.  Also, unlike Bank of America card who makes you wait until $100, before you can cash out, Capital One lets you cash out anytime you want.

Now back to the rant. You can read below that the cash rewards check will be mailed within 3 business days. BUT, right below it states that one has to wait between two and three weeks of business days  for check to make it to your mail box!

Say What?!?!   The USPS mail delivery  service estimate is 1 to 2 days, never to exceed 3 days. So between 2 and 3 business weeks translates to between 10 and 15 business days. What gives here Capital One? Are you sure you are not waiting a couple of weeks to drop check in the mail?

Capital One Rewards Check takes too long to arrive


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