Increase Criminal Charges on those who Disrupt Commercial Flights


What do you want to bet that the two middle aged white men, sitting behind the clown causing the commotion on the Delta Flight, both voted for Donald Trump? Yes, these two gentlemen were the same kind of disgusted white men who did not participate in the polls which predicted the female democratic presidential nominee would win national election.

So this kid who relishes his UTube stardom should probably pack his bags and move back to the Arabic country he belongs in.  The boy pulled pranks in Central Park, which by itself is no big deal. However, creating a disturbance on an international flight out of London Heathrow is another matter.

Honest and law-abiding Muslims in the United States are embarrassed at this immature kid’s actions. The media would do well to not mention his name as his first aim is to bring attention to his unjustifiably inflated ego. In a way, I pity him as he has been brainwashed and inculcated with NYC values. Wakeup kid, rural America can NOT stand your kind which the election proved resoundingly!!. Settle down, mind your own business and you might become accepted, but you are off to a weak start.

BTW in the picture of the disruptive passenger, Is that a character from the Arabic alphabet on the front of baseball cap this prankster was donning? Those white men sitting behind the “YouTube Star” certainly are not happy about the unnecessary publicity. They were among the large group of patient white men who voted the party of the self-entitled out of office.

Arabic Character on baseball cap of of hoaxter who was kicked off Delta flight

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  1. Two sisters never arrived to see their dying father after they were kicked off an Allegiant Air flight after being told they were a danger to other passengers.

    Debbie Hartman and Trisha Baker were traveling from Florida to North Carolina on Monday to see their terminally ill father when Trisha received a text message stating dad may not live much longer.

    Trisha illegally got up thinking her sister may not have received text to “provide comfort” which could have easily been postponed until pilot signaled passengers could take off seat belts.

    Also it is likely that both women had been drinking. I mean how often do you see women flying alone away from their husband tipsy if not drunk as skunks

  2. Minta Burke is another self entitled BLACK woman who became aggressive with JetBlue flight attendants. The arrogant, disrespectful Minta Burke shouted obscenities at various members of the crew after ignoring rules prohibiting her from storing birthday cake in overhead bin reserved for crew usage. She was politely told to remove cake which caused her to go off in a LOUD cursing tirade. Throw her in jail for being disruptive and being a clamorous public nuisance.

    Did you read the nonsense penned by JELISA CASTRODALE writing for Munchies? The title of her article was Family Kicked Off JetBlue Flight Because of Mom’s Birthday Cake. Mrs Castrodale proves why she is writing for a no name website by not mentioning Burke’s obscenity laced rampage against the overly patient crew of JetBlue. She and her husband should be, at least, fined for being belligerent and yelling at JetBlue employees!!!!

    1. Attorney Brian Pori declares negros are disproportionately arrested and treated unfairly by USA law enforcement officers. Entrapment allegations are generally bullshit. Many blacks including the boisterous black woman on Jet Blue flight NEED to be arrested!!

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