Irritating Devices with Speakers on Gas Pumps


Was recently annoyed at the unsolicited female voice playing through the speaker you see in the picture at  Giant convenience store gas station in Tularosa New Mexico.  I was urged, by the female automaton voice, to place Express Rewards tag at a spot on the gas pump device that did NOT appear to have a detector for the tag!

Apparently, you have to set foot in the convenience store in order to procure the point accumulating tag. The problem is that places which require you to have a physical tag will have to eventually figure out a way to do it without customer having to carry around ANOTHER card. Walgreens has mastered this perfectly, giving us very nice discounts with only having to know my wife’s phone number.

Thank God for the mute button, a necessity after a long road trip where you are just trying to get home without having to engage too many convenience store attendants. Nothing against the fine folks who work in convenience stores, but when you are tired, the sooner your head hits that pillow, the better!


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