Is your TransUnion Credit Score always much lower than other two?

TransUnion Credit Score significantly lower than Experian or Equifax
TransUnion Credit Score significantly lower than Experian or Equifax

I subscribe to TransUnion so I can monitor any changes to my credit history and follow any fluctuations in my three credit scores. I just recently got the cost of this dropped from $19.95 per month to $9.95 per month by calling to cancel the service. I do this with Sprint frequently to get credits when the 3G is not working as well as it should. Still not sure why I have to pay to see my own credit score, but that is another rant.

On to the point of the post which is the huge difference between my high and low credit scores. TransUnion reports that my credit score is 707 while Experian has a score of 821 on record for me.

What gives!? My Experian credit score has always been the pick of the litter, but I still can not explain why the TransUnion score is 114 points lower than Experian. Maybe the particular group of creditors/lenders that I have reports only to TranUnion and not Experian? Just guessing. I don’t frigging know!

Oh well, when we bought our house financed at Pioneer Bank for 3.4%, they used the average of the two highest credit scores which kept the TransUnion score from having a negative influence on the loan decision and the interest rate.

Finally, do you notice the Refresh your Score link on on the TransUnion page in the picture? I wish that TU would remove this irritating feature. All your credit scores should be automatically updated without having to press some silly button that just wastes time and leads to confusion.


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  1. my equifax and experian are 808 and 803… trans union is 720… idk wtf they look at differently….(I know your post says that some credit card companies, auto finance places, and other types of lenders do NOT use Trans Union. I just want to know why!! because my low TU score is hurting me on a car loan

  2. Dude, it’s a good thing you removed all Triond links from your pages! Triond pages like purple slinky and socyberty are slow loads that will time out on you and keep visitors from returning to your site. Also directing surfers away from your site to extremely low quality content farm like Triond is horrible idea.

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