Issue with Lengthy Pending Credit Card Transaction



We love for the most part. Been using them a long time with no problems and very happy with the good deals including a free hotel reservation for every 10 rooms we book with them.

However, we do wonder why it takes them so long to remove a cancelled reservation from your credit card bill. We cancelled a reservation on October 25 and it still shows up as pending on October 30th!? They need to realize that a pending transaction on credit card statement still cuts into the available balance for credit card holder.

In fact the pending transaction, which had already been canceled via email confirmation from, you see on the online statement below, prevented us from booking a rental car in Phoenix for our much anticipated family reunion!

We called their customer service waiting around 15 minutes only to get a customer service representative who could only repeat over and over the scripted response that there is a built in delay for reasons he would not or could not explain.



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