Jovan Belcher chose to play an Extreme Contact Profession


RantCheryl Shepherd, the mother of Jovan Belcher, wants it both ways. She benefited from the high salary her son earned as a professional football player for the Kansas City Chiefs. Now she is filing a wrongful-death lawsuit for the repeated concussions he received practicing his profession.

Belcher killed his girlfriend and then killed himself and his mother Cheryl Shepherd is blaming the NFL.  This is similar to cigarette smokers suing cigarette producers for engaging in an activity that is known to be harmful to ones health! Boxing, Hockey, UFC, Football are high paying professions partially because of the life threatening risks associated with these extreme contact professions.

Nobody forced Jovan Belcher to play professional football. Maybe his mother? I suspect he had other issues of an addictive nature that contributed to his tragic murderous actions. His mother does NOT deserve a penny of compensation from the NFL!

I believe a Lovington,NM high school football player experienced serious depression and attributed it to excessive contact.


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  1. The poor parents of Lovington,NM high school student Peggy Saenz are filing wrongful death law suit against the school district. Superintendent Darin Manes and principal Chris Brattain should file counter suit against Hobbs attorney Max Proctor who appears to be an ambulance chasing personal injury attorney. Saenz was horsing around on a moving vehicle when she fell off, struck her head and died. Her parents who are probably living off of food stamps and the government set poor standards for accountability.

    1. Let me tell you something smart ass. Some ambulances need to be chased because of incompetent EMT personnel. 95% of EMT professionals are excellent and I would trust them with my daughter, but its that other 5 per cent that can wreck your life. I am not dissing EMTs. There are incompetents in all professions, but somebody has to pay when they make life threatening mistakes.

      We retained the services of lawyer Max Proctor and he won us a well deserved settlement over injuries received when someone dear and near to us was rear ended by a drunk illegal alien. He is also an excellent lawyer for getting traffic tickets off your driving record even if you are guilty as hell!

      There are a number of outstanding attorneys in Hobbs,NM who do pro bono work and are active in the community with respect to giving their time. I know one who is single who makes come harder than my battery operated boy friend BOB.

      1. Are firemen and EMT trained at ENMU? Just read article by Jared Tucker of Roswell saying RFD is trying to attract firemen with 2 days on and 4 days off. Fire chief Devin Graham never stated salary for fire fighting applicants. Fireman are allowed to have a second job which they apparently need due to low paying nature of the important function of fire fighting.

        Lifeguard Andrea Flores of UNM has a nice ass. Morgan Hultgren has nothing on this girl. Andrea can twerk better.You can thank Katy Ross for the Photo

        1. The Roswell newspaper gave fireman Carlos Garcia the life saving credit he deserves for pulling a man out of explosion caused fire traffic accident at south Main and Relief route.
          The good lord placed Carlos there. Faith in Jesus had Garcia at his fathers auto body shop which is near the scene of blazing flames high impact collision.

          Thanks to EMS chief Eric Mann. RIP Sean Michael Murphy and thanks to Louis Jones fire fighting training center!

          1. It was also reported Murphy was driving southbound WAY over the speed limit when he rear ended Aaron’s box truck stopped at intersection. Article by Trevier did not mention alcohol playing a role.

            1. Murphy purchased many banana schnapps 99 proof alcoholic beverages, almost 50% ! He was driving 92 miles per hour. Thank the good Lord For Good Samaritan who saved Aaron Rents furniture employees who were high velocity slammed by another irresponsible alcoholic who won’t escape broken legal system since he is DEAD. Best thing for the city who lets known dangerous addicts drive our streets.

      2. Republican Congressman Steve Pearce went to high school in Hobbs NM. Flo Wells was extremely vocal in public and at her teaching assistant job with RISD criticizing the newspaper for not publishing a town hall meeting conducted by the gap toothed politician.

        The Gap creates space for the forked tongue. Flo was the same one who was too Jewish to pay for her annual criminal background check with the school district.

    2. I heard Eric Painter is excellent PI and medical malpractice attorney. Does anybody have info on the guy? I found ad for him in Roswell daily record, but could not locate him. Was injured in motorcycle crash and guy who hit me skipped town.

      A bud of mine went to Texas Tech in Lubbock back in 2010-2011 and was friends with him at law school there and says you can trust the dude, but it does not look like he is in Roswell anymore.

      1. Jason Espinoza does not observe that New Mexicans are more prone than citizens in other states to file malpractice lawsuits against any doctor not just Texas doctors. You can not blame Texas doctors for refusing to treat many New Mexicans. So the president of ACI should not play the victim card. NM is full of lazy government assistance types who play the system and live off the tax dollars of hard workers

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