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Polite Ranting is Healthy

Did any  other school districts or educators  get email blasted by Taylor Hoard other than the Roswell  Independent School District in New Mexico? Mr Hoard is an Educational Courseware Representative for Hawkes Learning.

Our babysitters’s  mother said everybody at both high schools received this unwanted solicitation which stated that Hoard was good friend’s with the school representative. She checked with rep who had never had any communication with Taylor Hoard!

Taylor needs to know that 95% of the educators,  who receive such an unwelcome correspondence, interpret it as JUNK MAIL with the sender being overly desperate for business. Whatever reputation such a salesman has built up is immediatey diminished by assuming it is cool to send intrusive BROADCAST EMAIL to every address on the server! RISD teachers are overworked and time-deprived as it is Mr Hoard. Have some decency and respect rather than assuming teachers have time for you to enter their professional space by digging up their email addresses.

The pesky vendor closes his email with “Thank you for your Time” not realizing the only time he got from most recipients was the time consumed to label his email as clutter. Yup that was red ink Sir.

School supply vendor email bombing school district servers


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  1. I think this is the same guy we had as a Wealth Management Advisor in Charleston, South Carolina. I never could understand how people could pay somebody to manage their wealth. There are so many online places to do your own investing without paying a third party 3% or whatever. He probably has a business degree which does not prepare you for much anything other than selling insurance or some other service where there is a market already built up for ya.The same kind of person who will play a round of golf with you to get your money or flood your email which is already full up!

    1. Jim T. Miller wrote about this Junk Mail issue you are describing at Huffington Post. He writes about how to fight it in “The Savvy Senior” book which is really more about junk snail mail than the problem you are having with ravenous short time sales reps invading your privacy.

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