Keep those paper flyers off my door and car windshield


Rant     Have you ever been annoyed by solicitations placed on your car windshield or stuck on the door of your home after a hard day of work?

If you answered yes, then you would get along quite well with Uber employee/contractor Barbara Ann Berwick who sued an employee of a pizza establishment for $500 in punitive damages for leaving restaurant menus on her domicile gate. She was not awarded any damages.

Think about it. When an agent of a business marches up to your front door and attaches  an advertisement or any other type of notice or correspondence, the burden is immediately on you to dispose of it.

Berwick is probably not the best exponent to lead our charge as she has been accused of filing frivolous lawsuits and does have a reputation of being excessively litigious having filed around 20 lawsuits in California. Most readers are aware of this state’s bad image with respect to cluttering our courts of law with ticky tack cases especially of the product liability ilk. It seems like half the products we buy at Home Depot have some sort of buyer beware type notice of carcinogenic substances, etc.

I do admire folks like Berwick on one count for not shying away from using court system to stunt the proliferation of unwanted corporate intrusion into our already very busy lives. I wonder how Barbara Ann reacts to the various religious flyers that are appended to your door on a Saturday morning accompanied by an irritating ring of the bell or knock on the door?


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