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Eddie Macias produced a cartoon that appears to be inspirational and motivational, but actually rings quite hollow. It was the hackneyed Love Conquers All theme which might be effective at the individual or family level. However, try loving the North Korea dictator to prevent him from dropping Hydrogen Bomb on USA mainland and see where that gets us!

Now Kim Jong Un would love to vaporize the US, but I doubt that is what RDR cartoonist Macias had in mind in his impractical drawing.Loving, faith, and Hope need to be replaced with swift and decisive United States Military action or first strike survivors will be scrambling for the nearest fall out shelters!

When I lived in Roswell a few years back, I sort of got to know Keith Bell online due to my commentary on his blunt, but truthful and pragmatic cartoons. Keith was fired by an editor or publisher who did not agree with politics or ideology. I miss you cyber buddy!

Oh yeah, what gives with the headless muscular chest and torso Eddie?

Impractical romantic roswell nm cartoonist


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  1. I will you all about the headless muscular chest and torso that the RDR cartoon man drew. It is about the egomaniac who was elected president of United States.

    McKay Coppins and Liddle Marco admit their extreme contempt for Despot Donald, but Coppins actually wrote a neutral and fair article which almost appeared to defend our leaders politically irresponsible Twitter babble.

  2. Educator, Flo Wells of Roswell NM, was livid over the insensitivity of the RDR cartoonist regarding the #MeToo hashtag. I side with Flo for the most part when she emphatically states that NO means NO.

    However, women attired in buttock accentuating clothing at a nightclub where quick hookups is the goal, aren’t really taken that seriously when casual sex morphs into rough sex that the nympho-vixen wanted. Who cares about the tweets of an embarrassed sex addict who was wanting it real bad that night before?

    I do agree that the RDR was remiss in allowing the Eddie Macias travesty of a cartoon to be published. I mean the girls who tell their testosterone charges date they have to be home before midnight do have a right to SAY NO!

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