Lapse in Judgement equals Intentional Poisoning according to this Lawyer


RantI have come to believe that many defense lawyers actually sleep well at night after getting a rapist or murderer off on a technicality. Defense attorney Nancy Hollander of Albuquerque,NM appears to be just that type of counselor who believes even the most ruthless, sadistic, and psychopathic criminals deserve their day in court.

In the picture you see, the words “Lara Mason experienced a lapse in judgement”(attempted murder Nancy!) had just issued from what were once the very sexy lips of a lawyer who is defending a woman who attempted to poison her husband with Ricin. Her intentions to kill her husband this way was corroborated by an undercover police officer.

Granted there are many mitigating circumstances including verbal and physical abuse along with countless instances of substance abuse and reckless behavior. Mason claims she feared for the safety of her children, but trying to poison her husband is no solution here. Get the hell out of Dodge would have been a better choice don’t you think Lara?

I have one question for Nancy Hollander that cuts to the pith of her willingness to defend scummy lowlifes. Would you do it for the much more modest wages of , say, an electrician or carpenter? Your very certain response in the negative affirms that you are in it for the big bucks that a relatively high profile lawyer rakes in.  Sweet Dreams Nancy.

Nancy Hollander on news just after stating that Lara Mason experienced a lapse in judgement for attempting to poison her husband
Nancy Hollander on news just after stating that Lara Mason experienced a lapse in judgement for attempting to poison her husband



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  1. Do you think Nancy might be interested in defending Joseph Mendez who had a charge of domestic violence dropped against him? He had been mistakenly charged with armed robbery, placed on fugitive list, and was protesting at courthouse claiming his wife left him and he had been fired from his job because of APD error. If the punk beat his wife, we would all be better off if the cripple just froze in his wheelchair.

  2. Thomas Grover, attorney for Sergeant candidate Jude lujan , wonders why his client was not promoted to Sergeant after being written formal reprimand letters in each of his 15 years as APD cop. Grover must be hard up for clients foolishly claiming APD may as well hire a marginal police officer who appeared to hang around with officers who hit each other on the Johnson and had sex on the job. Grover’s tenuous argument that APD should lower standards because Of officer shortages is grossly beneath the standards of even an average lawyer.

    Read the work of Dennis Domrzalski for more depth and breadth.

  3. Stewart Parnell’s lawyer, Scott Austin, should be disbarred for defending PCA CEO who knowingly sent out Salmonella contaminated peanut products.

    Parnell bragged his Hartford insurance would keep Him out of jail. Rot in prison Stewart and watch those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Don’t bend over too far in the showers!!! You can deal with your ADHD in the slammer. Sister Beth Falwell was charged with contempt of court for flipping off victims. Suffer every day you low life!!!!!

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