Lazy, Careless Phone Book Delivery Person


We heard a slapping thud impacting our driveway recently and reviewed our security camera footage.

The security video showed an overweight male throwing a plastic wrapped phone book from sidewalk, around 30 feet towards our front porch, apparently not having time to walk the dex CenturyLink ¬†phone book to our front door. He missed his target landing in landscape rocks and scratching surface of phone book near bull’s head in picture below.

He then climbed back into a huge gas guzzling white pickup to continue his half-ass lazy deliveries.

Advertisers like Roswell NM lawyer Doug Jones Witt and Domino’s Pizza pay for the professional delivery of this phone book. It is what you are doing when you are not being watched that determines your character. Problem is, around many homes, cameras gotcha covered ¬†24/7!


Phone book damaged on delivery Roswell NM


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