Let the People Starve that sell Food Stamp Cards at Ebay


This newspaper article about food stamp fraud reveals that lowlifes are ripping off the government for millions of dollars by selling their food stamp benefit cards at eBay or Craigslist!!!

These Scumbags are reporting their benefits cards lost or stolen (actually sold to places like eBay) and then reapplying for a new food stamp card and getting it! Food Stamp fraud costs USA taxpayers 750 million dollars annually.

Not only should these scofflaws be punished, but eBay should be fined for selling the food stamp cards. Food Stamp Cards or EBT cards should only be used by people truly in need. Poverty and income inequality is a problem in the United States and some of it is unavoidable, but able-bodied folks who can work and are SMART ENOUGH TO “LOSE THEIR EBT CARD” and then get another one can starve for all I care!! Throw them in jail and then lose the key.

Lowlifes Selling Food Stamp Cards at Ebay

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  1. Letting people starve is a little too radical wouldn’t you say? Why are you so angry? Some people are born into awful environments. You probably came from a stable family life with parents who could take care of you. A lot of folks barely scrape by. Ease up man! Stay cool.

    1. People who lie about losing their ebt card when they really sold it on eBay should be thrown in jail forever. They may as well be stealing money from honest hard working folks.

      1. At Sam’s Club Recently in line behind two fully loaded shopping carts of racks of ribs, tenderloins, pork chops, soda, and an excessive amount of junk food, ribeyes, and many other items totaling to almost $750 all paid with an EBT card. I couldn’t help but wonder what it feels like to be able to buy as much top dollar food as you want with redistributed money(hard working tax payer dollars) of others, or if that would even cross the mind of such an unaccountable person.

  2. I am happy the government shutdown has reduced and even cut off ebt card benefits for generational food stamp users. Maybe they will be forced to get off their lazy ass and get a job

  3. Christine Rousselle, an exceptionally intelligent social commentator, had the following repulsive account of ebt card and food stamp abuse during her brief stint as a walmart checker:

    The worst thing I ever saw at Wal-Mart Scarborough was two women with their children. These women each had multiple carts full of items, and each began loading them at the same time (this should have been a tip-off to their intelligence levels). The first woman, henceforth known as Welfare Queen #1, paid for about $400 worth of food with food stamps. The majority of her food was void of any nutritional value. She then pulled out her entire month’s worth of WIC (Women, Infants, and Children program) checks. I do not mind people paying with WIC, but the woman had virtually none of the correct items. WIC gives each participating mother a book containing actual images of items for which a person can and cannot redeem the voucher. This woman literally failed at image comprehension.

  4. Maya Wiley , president of the center for social inclusion , was on Bill Maher lamenting how the government shutdown was to blame for some people starving. Social Inclusion must entail eating for free if you don’t feel like working. She has intense orgasms. If the government had just stayed shut down a little longer, then ebt card holders would have been forced to find a job or more likely rob a convenience store.

  5. Does anybody believe Bethany Mandel has an opinion on whether we should police food stamps. She wrote an exceptionally incisive article which struck me as rather neutral vs advancing any particular view.

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