Litigious Gum chewing, Denture wearing Senior Citizen



Did you read or hear about the Edmonton, Alberta Canadian woman who sued the producer of Stride gum because it stuck to her dentures in fashion that made it difficult to remove? She stated that she suffered intense depression for a short duration as she struggled to remove the unnaturally adhesive product produced by Cadbury Adams.

Elsie C. Pawlow is a senior citizen, who likely did not floss or brush her teeth properly  in her younger years, who had extreme decay and gum disease. She likely drank soft drinks and had a high sugar diet. So, due to declining oral health as a result of her negligent personal hygiene, she had to wear dentures.

She stated the gum fell apart into little pieces making it hard to dig out of her mouth. Let’s see here, Elsie chooses to chew gum despite having dentures. Also I have heard that acute halitosis affects the chewing process which could explain why the gum disintegrated in her mouth. This all adds up to dismissing her $100,000 lawsuit as frivolous. Since she did not go to the trouble to take care of her God given teeth, it is her duty to research the type gum brands that are compatible with her dentures.


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