Lock Up Oriana Farrell and rehire fired police officer


The following words by Oriana Farrell of Memphis, Tennessee  and the subsequent firing of a police officer( the name of terminated officer is Elias Montoya) for doing his job illustrate how pampered single black females are in the United States.

“As a single, African-American mother of five in this country, things are tough enough(so tough that she was vacationing in another state with her EBT card) I should not have to endure harassment at the hands of someone who has been hired to protect the citizens of this land over an alleged ‘speeding offense,'” Farrell continued. “No one should.” Sorry Miss Farrell, we might give a damn about your opinion if your arrest record could be recorded in a single Tweet.


Oriana Farrell, single black mother, drug user, child abuser, was on vacation in New Mexico when she twice fled from State Police officers for speeding. She had earlier failed to appear in court for speeding in her home state of Tennessee and a judge had issued a warrant for her arrest.

Farrell put her children at risk by her out of control behavior and violation of the law in New Mexico. I am not surprised that Victoria Taylor of the New York Daily News seemed to side with the “poor black single mother” in her article. NYC police officers can’t effectively do their jobs for fear of being charged with police brutality.

Will close with some comments by readers of the Santa Fe New Mexican:

1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I read the first paragraph & felt a mixture of mirth & absolute disgust and contempt! While I am not “pro-cop,” I am “anti-dunderhead” & was appalled at how this lady turned everything around & is ignoring the fact that she broke the law, drove off at high speed & instigated an absolutely unnecessary situation. She has the audacity to think of herself a wonderful mother! She may have borne five children & “home-educated” (somehow I think it’s more akin to “indoctrinated”) them, but it’s apparent that she sees nothing wrong with putting her darlings in danger. Her fictional account is laughable once you see the video. Lock her up & sterilize her!

2. Incredible. As I watched this read last night one thing came to my mind, Master Manipulator. This is how psychopaths operate, the revise history to suit them. Not that she started off with mentioning shots fired and her five children, as if that was the beginning of the story. An incident like this sure sounds different when told in reverse order! Next she touts her resume of good deeds as if the officer knew all of this about her before stopping her.

Then she never ONCE admits to any wrong-doing on her part, anywhere. She never mentions taking off from the officer twice, after being unable to decide which ticketing option to choose. She refers to her speeding as “alleged”, no mention of her (tall) 14 year-old physically attacking a police officer. Seems like the “real her” lives in a life of denial and revisionist history. Thank God for dashcams if we only had her side of the story to listen to!

3. The real psychopaths here were the thugs who were bashing the van’s window like savages and terrified the children. I have observed wild animals act in manners more civilized. There is no doubt that some of the most visceral comments here in response the mom’s letter are being made the police themselves, their friends, family, cronies, and people withe their last remaining neurons dying fast with atrophy for lack of intellectual stimulant.That’s what happens when you don’t believe in facts, science, reality, arithmetic, and live in an echo chamber. Get it together people or do everyone a favor and just succeed from the human race, already.  Karen Workman wrote an excellent piece on why the officers action were so reprehensible. Why didn’t anybody comment??

4. Stop bashing this mother. (Marie Yolette spells secede as succeed )You don’t her and have absolutely no compassion. But worst of all, you show no judgement. You seem obsessed with racism. What’s with that? Think about it! Are your hands really that clean? How many skeletons are there in your closet? You see, some day any one of thousands of horrible incidents and injustices can happen to you. Of course, there is no racism in America; it has been abolished, remember? The same way greed and all other intangible vices people carry with them but act upon have been wiped out. Your effort to own any discussion about racism will not work. Racism is a pernicious condition that plagues the American psyche. If you have anything intelligent and constructive to contribute to the public debate, do speak up. Otherwise, spend some time working on your ability to analysis situations and arrive at a logical conclusion. Please pass this around your friends, for they all seem to be carrying on about nothing, just trying to unleash as much hurt and pain on the woman as possible. What a shame!



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  1. A judge in Bartlett, Tennessee issued a failure to appear warrant for Oriana Farrell for a speeding ticket she never resolved. This Proves Farrell has a history of ignoring the law which has the effect of child abuse. In this country full of “fake victims” let’s make an example out of her for playing to sympathy of all the cop haters world wide.

    1. Used to live in Ruidoso,NM and now spend a lot of time in Europe. Many Europeans believe that what goes in in places like Albuquerque and Taos is police brutality despite what you are saying. I get that some Americans play the legal system to their advantage, but line has to be drawn!!

    2. Sandro Tonini could not contain his Italian temper over a parking ticket issued to his girlfriend in Albuquerque NM across the street from Sushi Hana. Tonini should be fined or incarcerated for a night for aggressively and threateningly confronting city traffic ticket issuers. He cannot act as his sexy hot girlfriend’s legal agent under those type of circumstances. $500 fine might cure him of assuming authority and being such an obnoxious punk!
      I guess a guy named Sandra has a few chips on his shoulder. The dude is pretty good though….maybe should consider career in law.

      Caleb James provides more insight in the dispute involving Tonini’s girlfriend Janine Vita who states ticket officer ignored her claim there was plenty of time remaining ticket she purchased. Janine Vita has the kind of lips every man fantasizes about….even Caleb

      1. It appears Mr James, stuck in a congested crowded city where spurious parking citations are a way of life, sides with Sandro. He has to be careful since he is supposed to be a neutral observer faithfully reporting the news. I am sure his employer monitors his FB postings. I wish he would write about the trials of gay people, particularly the parts of the world where it is illegal.

        Still can’t get over this story. I’ve definitely been there — furious over an unfair parking ticket. But this confrontation caught on multiple cameras Wednesday is the stuff of a scorned parker’s dreams, and a parking attendant’s nightmares. 😤

  2. Oriana Farrell , the reckless child abusing drug using sorry excuse for a mother, was ONLY given 6 months probation for driving 100 mph endangering her children and trying to blame police officers!!! Lock her ass up!!

    Many dumbass Europeans ,who only saw a short made for TV clip, believe US is police state!!

    Judge McElroy wanted to give her jail time. Why the hell didn’t he?!?

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