Major US Corporation forcing a Service Upon its Customers



Does anybody know how to get rid of this irritating iCloud Storage is Full message that pops incessantly on your iPhone 6 and 7. I disabled or turned off iCloud Drive in settings and continue to get this warning that Photos, videos, iCloud Drive are no longer updating.

I was paying a little over a dollar a month for extra storage space on the Cloud until I realized I really did not need it. So I stopped payment on credit card and I now get this annoying message in a machine gun, rapid repeated fashion, over and over when I am in the middle of doing something on my iPhone. My phone is disabled and non-functioning until I close it at which point it pops up again!

On average I have to press Close  3 or 4 times on this unwanted intrusion until it goes away! Does anybody know about the legality of Apple effectively forcing you to use a product or service YOU DO NOT WANT?!?

iCloud storage is full


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