Most of them are in Jail for Damn Good Reason


Rant         I read with a great deal of interest a USA Today article by Ellis Cose, a man who must be black by his first name alone. Mr Cose maintains that the United States locks up a disproportionate number of young and old black men, never considering the possibility that his ethnic group may cause a commensurate disproportionate amount of incarceration worthy activity! 

Jeremy Travis, an out of touch educator of Criminal Justice,  posits that our mass incarceration policy is a matter of US law maker’s  choice.  He is another bleeding heart, who has probably never been robbed at gunpoint or had his daugther beaten and raped, cogitating immersed in the ideal world of academia.  The  John Jay College of Criminal Justice Chair should be sensitive to the traumatic experiences of the lower middle class families who have been ripped apart by the boomerang thug phenomenon where multiple DWI offenders walk out of courtrooms and still kill people while driving drunk!

His point of view is certainly not without foundation. Young people who sell grass should not be thrown in the pen for 20 years. However, the latest mob rage where 14-16 year olds walk down neighborhood streets, looking for that one open garage with a vulnerable elderly couple, should  result in at least 5 years of hard time in a penitentiary. Who gives a damn about their miserable family life or the fact that their Dad beat their Mother?

Plenty of people who come from squalor or awful upbringings do not become criminals or get into trouble while leading upstanding lives. The old couple who gets held up and assaulted in their own garage have much more of a voice here about what needs to be done which is to LOCK UP THE PUNKS who did all the harm irrespective of why they did it!!


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