Motel Rooms without Deadbolts


We were somewhat concerned that the door you see in the picture  of a room at the Silver Spruce Motel in Glenwood Springs Colorado had no deadbolt. It did have a deadbolt latch mechanism in the usual location above the door handle you see with the Do NOT Disturb maid sign hanging on the door knob. The problem was the deadbolt itself had been removed from the knob/latch mechanism!

So the Silver Spruce Motel sold us a room for a night without disclosing that our security would be compromised. Maybe one too many drunks, drug addicts, or domestic disputes was the reason for their removal of the deadbolt, but that should be revealed to Motel patrons upon checkin so they can decide if they still want to lodge in a less secure room. Its also a pain to reserve rooms with hotels/motels that still use metal keys versus the more convenient disposable magnetic card keys.

We still enjoyed the world famous hotsprings,  eating catfish PoBoy Sandwiches at Lost Cajun, and dealing with the chippy bartender with an attitude at the Barbeque Place on Grand street.


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  1. Silver Spruce now has magnetic key room locks, but no privacy latches or dead bolts. Owners or housekeeping could walk in anytime while you are at hot springs or hanging lakes.

    The channels are all snow on the TV unless you know exactly how to use remote control.

    Also no telephones in rooms, probably so guests can’t complain about all the issues. Their $64 room rate was best thing I can say about the place. Room was clean and smelled clean as well.

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