MVD New Mexico USED to Send Registration Renewal via Snail Mail


We just got hit with a 10  dollar late fee by the Motor Vehicle Division in the great state of New Mexico. Our tags expired in February. We renewed March 1 and got NAILED with a $10 late penalty. NM is maybe the poorest state in the USA, but this smacks of desperation.

In previous years, we have always received tag/sticker renewal via USPS with plenty of the lead time to renew, but NOT this year!  I guess poverty stricken NM cannot afford bulk postage rates!

Also, as you can see in the screenshot of MyMVD Online Services, one is required to input a donation value for the Veteran’s and Children’s eyesight fund. The system will NOT let you checkout and pay for your new Tag renewal stickers unless you enter the amount of your donation to both funds.

We all have heard of small town speed traps to generate scarce revenue. This is New Mexico’s version of a vehicle registration renewal trap.


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  1. We were not able to renew our vehicle registration at MVD New Mexico. It insisted on updating our phone number and email which was never required. MyMVD Online displayed the input fields, but we could NOT input phone number or email. Oh well, they will have to mail us the registration notice and waive any late fees since we do NOT do snail mail. These state entities never have qualified IT personnel. We didn’t call them as that is the phone version of waiting in line at physical MVD. They probably would blame it on wrong version of Chrome Browser.

    1. We are thinking about filing lawsuit against New Mexico MVD for their dysfunctional website that would NOT allow us to renew our vehicle registration online! It asked for phone number, but their crappy system would let us enter phone number. We waited around for them to fix it, but they never did and I got pulled over by cop in Roswell NM and have to pay a fine now. Please reply if this happened to you. Taxpayer dollars are spent on maintaining their piece of crap website that is NOT WORKING.

      1. The article by editor Jeff Tucker of RDR regarding “systems down, unable to process any transactions” posting outside the motor vehicle division in Roswell pours salt in wounds of publicly criticized MVD. This was happening despite Ben Cloutier saying it was open and operating just fine!

      2. Hi Mildred,

        We had the same problem. I had to call phone number associated with There were 16 callers ahead of me and it took around 10 minutes to get a live person who turned out to be very helpful.

        He agreed that website was very confusing, but guided me through it after he remotely navigated the vehicle registration renewal page. After some very conterintuitive navigation, system finally got me to page indicating I had over a $25 late fee! I asked to have it waived and the attendant transferred me to a supervisor who had the authority to remove late fee due difficult to navigate website.

        Well I got this supervisor’s voice mail and left him a message to waive late fee. This happened around a week ago and the supervisor, whose name I know, never returned call. The state of New Mexico is illegally collecting late fee revenue BECAUSE OF WEBSITE THAT IS POORLY DESIGNED. Anybody in the mood for a class action lawsuit?

        I also have circumstantial proof that they will block your phone number if you are deemed a “problem customer”. I called multiple times, went through the menu options to speak to a clerk and was disconnected repeatedly. If they were a real business driven by profit motive, they would go belly up. State agencies like them that are funded by tax payer dollars are frequently complacent with awful customer service. How about that lawsuit?!

        1. Raphael Orlove has a list of 10 major unprofessional and incompetent actions committed by DMV inadequacy.

          1. Peter Dutton charged a fine $102 for not/forgetting to pay driving without seatbelt infraction
          2. Wow, the Idaho branch of the MSF will actually ding you for putting both feet down at a stop because your right foot is no longer near a brake
          3. NY DMV decided that my title for my 1996 green Mustang was counterfeit(typo on VIN was the culprit)
          4. Aggressive male on motorcycle speeds by San Francisco officers and is pulled over. Officers find he has stolen his license plate or sticker.
          Speedster claims a former co-worker with a heroin problem had decided that I was the reason he got fired and exacted some revenge on him by stealing a plate with that was just a couple numbers different and had put it on my bike without me noticing.

          NUMBER 4 is over the top Raphael! Definitely does not qualify as DMV horror story! In fact about half of your so called horror stories are pathetic substitutions for mistakes anybody could make including yourself!

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