My kid hates this; My kid hates that


The following paragraphs was written at by a parent who was concerned about their childs poor performance in an algebra class. The kid is a male ninth grader who hates his algebra teacher. He hates how the teacher dresses and hates the way she looks. Yes, we are talking about a male student who hates the way his female teacher dresses! Sounds like the kid may be grappling with sexual orientation but that is another post.

The paragraph just smacks of a child who feels entitled to have everything his way down to the way his teacher chooses her wardrobe. It is more likely that this kiddo hates math more than the teacher and is just unwilling to admit his unwillingness to work hard in class and at home.

To rear a child properly these days can become so burdensome that many parents have nervous fighting all the battles. Some teachers are jerks and control freaks and need to be confronted. However, in this case the child appears to be much too pampered and spoiled and I think some old-fashioned discipline is in order. Whiny kids should learn early in life that taking charge of your life and making good decisions can be the difference between a happy or a miserable future.


I have a ninth grader who is failing his algebra class. He tells me that he hates the teacher. He hates the way she dresses. He hates the way she looks. I have met with her several times and we both are frustrated. I can’t get my son motivated to do the work and turn in his work. She is the only 9th grade algebra teacher. I can’t move classrooms. My son lacks motivation. I do let him know that math is very important for his future and for college. What else can I do?


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  1. This reminds me a great deal of kid in Albuquerque NM school who didn’t know if he was a boy or girl. He tried to get the principal of school in trouble when principal told him not to dress like a girl for the school prom. The kid did not seem to understand his/her gender identity crisis was of no interest to anybody. Parents who allow their progeny to grow up with this self-entitled, the whole world gives a crap about me and my gay needs, are partially to blame for the high proliferation of spoiled punks.

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