NetSpend Visa Card Offer While Filing my Federal Return


While E Filing my federal tax return via Turbo Tax, I was disappointed to notice a Visa Credit   card application as an option to pay off my debt to Uncle Sam! As you can see from the below screenshot, one has many options when paying off the IRS.

  1. You can directly debit from your bank account
  2. One can also charge their credit card to jack up their points or cash rewards.
  3. Pay by check
  4. You can request an installment plan from the IRS where there is a flat fee of $105 for the Internal Revenue Service to set up the installment plan PLUS interest and penalties if you do NOT pay them off by April 15th
  5. Finally, you also have the choice of applying for a prepaid NetSpend Visa Card!

Option 5 really shocked me. I guess Intuit or Turbo Tax is paid to advertise this method of payment by Visa. I don’t really get it. If it is prepaid, then why not just pay by check or debit your bank account. I guess there must be some other advantage, but I sure don’t see it. Seems like a bad idea to get another credit card when you could write a check or wire what you owe the IRS directly.

Applying for Prepaid Visa Card to pay off the IRS
Applying for Prepaid Visa Card to pay off the IRS







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  1. Pay the IRS by April 15th if you owe them on your tax return OR your credit score will be lowered. The TransUnion newsletter warns that your credit score will be dinged if you miss the April 15th deadline.

  2. Scott Townsend notes the irony of credit/debit cards in his strange bedfellows post at Scott is a very prolific financial planner. He has written 65 informative and helpful posts at the credit card blog.

  3. I was acquainted with Jordan F. Wilcox at Woods Cross High in Bountiful. You definitely wanted the dude on your side in a dispute or confrontation. Lost touch and was shocked to see him on TV commercial in SLC as an IRS problem solver. This means he he makes money off of people who have not paid the Internal Revenue Service what they owe them.

    An example of how the former missionary who now worships the almighty dollar earns his living is typically somebody owes the IRS somewhere around $40,000. He negotiates that down to pennies on the dollar in return for 30%. That means you owe him $12,000 rather than owing the federal government $40,000. A friend of the family used him, but still was hassled by IRS even after they had paid off the Layton Utah tax attorney. He eventually got the IRS off their back at no additional cost.

    Best advice to all you lowlifes who don’t pay your taxes is to PAY what you owe so you do not have to retain tax lawyers who are ecstatic that you broke the law and that they can PROFIT from your lack of honesty and accountability. Hell, I doubt you could even get the former missionary to say a prayer for you. He is too busy being blessed by all the fools who cheat on their income tax returns.

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