No Basis for Levelland Woman’s Lawsuit



Emilia Espinoza decided to invite law enforcement into the turmoils of her personal life early in the morning of January 23, 2015 in Levelland, Texas. The unsettled woman called police alerting them of a family disturbance. Officers arrived finding her husband, Jose Antonio Espinoza Ruiz, sober sitting on the front porch of their residence in the 100 block of Avenue A.

He threatened Emilia’s protectors with a knife and was shot to death by the policemen. His wife turned around and filed a wrongful death lawsuit lawsuit against the city of Levelland. Emilia stated officers did not apply timely medical care as Jose bled out. She should have resolved problem with her anxiety ridden husband rather than call police department if she was worried about her beloved mate having his life terminated by the very people she called to protect her!

Attorney Matt Matzer should file counter suit against Emilia for the bogus lawsuit. It is folks like her that make police extra cautious about even interceding in a domestic dispute. Two 55 year old immature people wasting time and money by calling police officers because they can not keep the peace in their own home. Her husband would still be alive had she not become overly distraught over a quarrel that probably happens once a month in their domicile. Her husband was not drunk, had not threatened her and had gone outside before his demise.


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