Opposite Gender Assistance in Public Rest Stops


What a peculiar waste of space for a sign at the entrance to a rest stop bathroom in Washington State not extremely far from the Canadian border. The Interstate 5 Northbound Bow Hill Seattle men’s toilet area had signage indicating a person of the opposite sex may assist a disabled person.

So my concern is why this type “approval” has to be mandated by the state? Was another man at adjacent urinal offended when a young daughter helped her wheelchair bound father unzip his fly? Please tell me NO!

Perhaps it was a middle aged man helping his infirmed grandmother get positioned on the commode that caught the attention of far too nosey bystander? An any event, a citizen of the United States should not require permission from the government to help a loved one of the the opposite gender!

A lot of anonymous sex happens at these places despite the postings of video surveillance. So just don’t get caught giving a hand job to a man on crutches.




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