Overt profiteering in the name of God


It is no secret that Religion can be big business in the hands of the insincere. So I was not too surprised to see this ad titled The “Biblical Money Code” where a pastor promises that a close reading of the Holy Book can turn 40 grand in to close half a million dollars!

Our savior Jesus Christ would most certainly criticize a preacher putting an advertisement in a newspaper using the Bible for the sole purpose of making big bucks. Televangelists at least pretend to be religiously devoted, even though their goal is to make money off of unsuspecting followers.

The ad you see cuts right to the chase promising high return on your investment with no mention of salvation, redemption, or penitence.

Biblical Money Code Ad sacrilegious and blasphemous
Biblical Money Code Ad sacrilegious and blasphemous

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  1. Gushing thanks to Doris Rashad for her letter to editor of RDR which strongly hinted only Christians have a chance to get elected. Duhh. She assiduously tracks Nonbeliever demographics noting 64 official and 52 unofficial nonbelievers. I am flattered to be included in this count.

    I love you Doris for your courage in fighting the forces of ignorance here, but have a tiny bone to pick regarding your philosophy of voting for a candidate who is thinking of what is best for all the community. This is something to strive for but not achievable. Any candidate policy or mandate always have parts that are not good for some segment(s) of the population. Kinda like talking about the “common good”……no such thing, Ask Ayn Rand….Seance required. Still, voting for this type of candidate far exceeds voting for practitioners of an all too common mass delusion.

    Doris, I would still register and vote for you if you ran for ANY office provided you could tolerate the concomitant death threats and hate mail.

    1. I know this is not related, but have seen Roswell resident Doris Rashad(formerly of Memphis, Tennessee) posting at New Mexico Coalition of Reason FB. So many seculars out there who have had noteworthy careers like john de lancie whose breaking bad character so perfectly captured the devastation a meth addict child can have on a family. His character was an air traffic controller who flew two planes to a violent midair collision as he was grappling with a mind destroying depression after his daughter choked to death on her own vomit. Vince Gilligan is a genius!

      I would like point out that reason and religion are NOT mutually exclusive contrary to the view advanced by the NM Coalition of Reason

      1. Does anybody know the fool who maintains the web site Defining the Narrative Discussing the Soul of America? This pseudo intellectual boldly states that God Hates Religion and then later on in his tripe infested blog declares he has a profound appreciation for the role of language and the value of properly communicating ideas(his bullshit) through written media. He hopes his written words will survive as sage insightful beacons!

        For starters moron, hate is one of the deadly seven sins. How can a benevolent, omnipresent, omnipotent supernatural being hate anything? It was so easy to discredit you, this comment is barely worth penning.

        1. I admire attorney Rick Kraft of Roswell NM. He wrote a letter in their newspaper titled Investing in others’ lives after you are gone. Kraft himself will certainly be able to do that with all the money he has earned as a lawyer in Alien City. He pays tribute to Wendell Wakefield who certainly made bountiful contributions to the seat of Chaves County from what I have read online. Rick honestly wonders if he has lived his life in a fashion where the preachers will be able to speak the truth at his funeral. I am sure some of the money any lawyer has earned has not necessarily always been from clients on the RIGHT side of the moral coin! Oh well, just opt for cremation and you wont have to worry about it, although there have been many accusations of fake cremation ashes and urns filled with cement dust.

          1. Attorneys often become altruistic late in life to clear their conscious of all the rapists, murderers, and other extremely unethical criminals they have defended. Did you read about the Personal Injury lawyer in Dallas who apparently committed suicide after his 16 year old daughter, who battled depression, killed herself?

            The Dallas County medical examiner’s office says Brian Loncar died Sunday but that a cause of death has not yet been determined. Police said he’d been taken to a hospital overnight.

            The 56-year-old was well-known in Texas for his television advertisements, in which he labeled himself the “strong arm of the law.”

            His commercials appeared KSAT-12. His firm has offices all over the Lone Star State.

            His daughter Grace Loncar’s fought hard against debilitating clinical depression.

            I think Vince Gilligan should do a netflix original on this very topic, showing a young attorney doing the better call saul thing while completely losing their moral compass. Gilligan’s dad was an insurance adjuster which is probably why Vince is so proficient at exposing the darkest sides of humanity.

          2. Attorney Richard L. Kraft is handling the disposition of the estate of Daina Lou Blount. All heirs were asked to come forward to make any claims they have on the property of the deceased. Kraft probably gets around a 20% cut on the proceeds of an obscure public hearing ad in RDR.

            So the thought that pops into my mind when I hear the name of a lawyer is VULTURE. So many attorneys trying to clear their conscious after years of charging high fees and getting killers and rapists off on technicalities.

      2. Speaking of pulpit pounding preachers in Roswell, Reverend Karl Holmgren seems to have meandered down that way. If it is the same guy, I hope you all can tolerate him better than the great state of Minnesota did.

        Karl suffers from bipolar disorder and delusions of grandeur. You folks at the military school would do much better to just ignore him. He is exactly like a little chihuahua dog that will bark from a protected environment where he can stir things up. There is no changing his mind. Just ignore him and he will drift to another target that may briefly react to his drivel before figuring him out.

        He likes to snoop around the internet and win arguments in those chat groups where you dont even know who you are talking to which is like winning in the special Olympics HeHe, you are still retarded. I see he found a nice place to live at address 1808 N Cambridge Ave. Poor neighbors and poor Karl always trying to show off his intelligence which is actually quite limited.

        1. The Karl Holmgren I have heard of in Roswell NM is NOT a preacher. I believe he is around 45 and a professional counselor for those with felony convictions who are trying to find their way back into the labor force. Good for him if he is doing that. Some of the best counselors have criminal records themselves.

          What artificial intelligence so far shows no promise to compromise, is the spatially immediate interfacing of humans — or in human lingo(THAT WAS HUMAN LINGO KARL-YOU TRY WAY TOO HARD TO SOUND INTELLIGENT): face to face meetings.

        2. It all it coming clear, Karl Holmgren’s residence 1808 North Cambridge is a $55,000 home in the shadows of New Mexico Military Institute. Karl is a member of the class of the working poor and hates the fact he never made his mark in life. So he makes up stuff about how mean the school is to people who steal pecans off their property. If he was that intelligent he would not be living in Trump’s Sh…..tHole of a house. He probably lives on fixed income and is pissed off Hilary did not get relected. Too bad Karl that you will always be poor making fun of a place that puts out graduates who will be outearning you by age 22!! I wouldn’t set foot on your (probably rented) roach infested house to pick your pecans you whiney fool.

          1. To say Karl’s home is in the shadows of NMMI is stretchin it some. Karl lives just down the road from Military Heights Elementary School and can hear reveille every morning like the rest of us. Karl is a difficult neighbor. I think the President of the school should have ignored him rather than give him the attention he wanted in the newspaper. If Cynthia Hansen had known how disturbed Karl is, she would have not taken the time to write to the editor of RDR either. Karl lives in his own world and is not phased by anybody elses opionion.

            His house is surrounded by 6 foot steel fence that is padlocked, but he still got all over NMMI for the pecan thing. He is an angry but intelligent poor man. His anger seems to be mainly at the rich and he will talk to you as long as you agree with everything he says. We saved up enough money to get out of that “neat ghetto”. I doubt Karl will ever make it out.

            In the meantime he should see a licensed massage therapist to chill him out!

            1. The home at 1808 North Cambridge has a mean looking, growling German Shepard. The guy that lives there wrote an article in the newspaper sayin that he would let anybody in Roswell pick his peaches and pecans. Our kids told us that dog runs into the fence he is so mad at them when they are walking to school. We will call the city if owner of dog does NOT control his probably rabid dog since it is such a poor neighborhood and he cant afford dog doctor!

              The sad part is the man(Karl) who wrote in complaining about roswell school not letting criminals steal pecans is squatter at this house! His wife owns the house and he makes her look bad by shooting off his mouth about things he knows NOTHING about. She should boot him to curb!!! Law should be alert to possible domestic violence and disorderly house at this little shack.

              1. The Karl I know of lives at address 1103 Washington. He is passive and aggressive. He quit writing letters once he was PROVEN wrong! A real man would have written a letter acknowledging his ignorance and arrogance and apologizing to the Military school for having made a fool of himself about THEIR PECANS.

    2. Wow, let’s get this atheist party started! Did any of you esteemed secular cats read post on the blog of JOHN PAVLOVITZ where he writes a letter with salutation “Dear offended Christians”

      Some of the many relevant pieces of his disgusted attitude regarding the hypocrisy of organized religion follow

      I’m tired of hearing you telling gay people that they can’t simultaneously be both gay and Christian.

      I’m tired of having to explain what “Transgender” means to adult Christian people, who I’m quite sure have Internet access and should know better by now that it ain’t “a guy in a dress”.

      I’m tired of arrogant pulpit bullies who believe they’re entitled to tell people where they can pee and who they can marry and whether they really love Jesus or not.

      I’m tired of you regularly dispensing damnation on the queer community, and then offering empty “thoughts and prayers” in the face of tragedy before resuming your normal schedule.

      I’m tired of you being more outraged by red coffee cups and department store restrooms than by poverty and racism and gun violence and our crumbling school system.

  2. Lakewood Church, run by pastor Joel Osteen, only opened its doors to the victims of Tropical Storm Harvey after being exposed by the media. He and his wife could not afford the decline in public perception and profit loss associated with not making the former home of the Houston Rockets a shelter the residents displaced the historic flood. Hypocrisy and greed at its finest!

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