Park That Huge Trailer somewhere else Please!


There are very few vacant lots in Sorrento Estates these days. This Roswell NM subdivision has grown at an accelerated rate for about 4 years witnessing around a $20,000 per house spike in price.

Volume builders French Brothers out of Alamogordo can spit out a “say hello to happiness ” domicile in about 4 months.

We are staying with a relative and have had to carefully exit and enter the subdivision the last five days because of the dangerously and irresponsibily parked Delta Trailer you see in the picture below.

Making a left off of positano loop runs a driver into blind spot the length of the Delta trailer with motorists exiting from Union Street. We almost had a head on collision with some kids who live in the two story home at southwest corner.

Any traffic accidents caused by the carelessly and inconsiderately parked construction truck would be an easy lawsuit to win with French Brothers likely having the deeper pockets compared to the framing contractor they hired. To compound the problem, they leave the damned thing parked there at night  making it tough on Dominos pizza delivery drivers to see cars exiting the subdivision.


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  1. You could contact Pittsburgh Steeler fan Louann Satathite who manages accounts for them. I am sure she would understand your concern regarding the truck obscuring the view for motorists who are entering and exiting Sorrento estates. She could discipline the subcontractor who owns that Delta Trailer.

  2. This is the same kind of inconsiderate crap that happens on riverside drive near Cahoon Park where Wide RV double park. This makes it dangerous to pass through. I go through there everyday and got out and left note on the idiots who parked the recreational vehicles that way!

    Police drive right by without issuing citation! Thanks Alison Penn for writing this up in RDR!!

    Engineer Najar has grea idea about eighth street alignment mess.

    That picture you took with huge trailer blocking the road was when the lot at corner of Sorrento Drive and Positano Loop was undeveloped. The address is 1 Positano Loop.

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